Why do people think alcohol is good?

I’m 18 and I’ve had alcohol many times..
well actually not many... very rarely but I’ve had enough
I’m still not used to the taste.. It’s still super nasty

The only way I can drink alcohol is if it’s mixed with something else & its Stiilllllll nasty
at that point it’s just bearable

How can people just sip alcohol & say it’s good?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well there are like 1000 different types of alcohol and they all taste different. Then there are all the different brands that also taste slightly different even if it's the same type of alcohol. So there is probably alcohol that you like but just haven't tried yet.

    It's also just an acquired taste for many people. I used to hate the taste of beer, but since I drank it for drinking games (and because beggars can't be choosers when you're a minor) now I like a few different kinds of beer. I also used to think vodka was nail polish remover, but got so used to it that now it's like water to me


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  • I have the same idea with you. Alcohol is exactly kind of terrible drink. I can't get why people love it and drink it. I'm just happy that i found a person who thinks the same with me.


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  • If you're determined enough to get drunk, you'll do it

  • cuz when ur drunk af u doesn't give a shit. Im very shy person and when i got like dead drunk with friends i kissed girl, approached at least 10 girls, touched girls where i shouldn't even without asking her, got chased by police haha. Its stupid and not cool but tbh without shits ur life is 0. When you grow up you will be sad cuz all ur friends have great memories to talk and ur just sitting there like oh yea i was watching tv :P


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