Rate my steak dinner?

Rate my steak dinner?

Made this bomb ass steak and hobo veggie dinner.
It’s not fuking dry.
I cooked more than one steak and let them all sit on plate, in room temperature for 5 minutes. The myoglobin came out on that serving plate when I cut the meat to check how well done it was. The steak was not dry, but it was chewy because it’s a cheap cut from the top sirloin. Let me tell you people I had no complaints from everyone else that ate. The veggies could have had more flavoring tho, I only added salt, pepper and garlic with olive oil.


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  • that looks like medium. I would give a 5 for home cook... not easy.

    which cut of meat?

    I like more rare and more fat. sauce takes away real taste of steak. so I will take it without any sauce. add more butter, some salt.
    hard to do at home. I let the experts do the work and will pay for a nice steak.

    there is a very good place in nj. good price as well... nice 48 oz. amazing...

    • It’s medium rare closer to rare. It’s a top sirloin which goes for like 8$ a pound. More of a steak that goes good in other dishes instead of by itself.

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  • Just the right amount of pink in the middle, thought it looks dry.

    Could work the presentation though man. Presentation is everything.

    • Its fucking dry mate.

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    • It being cheap doesn't make it not dry and certainly doesn't my you look less defensive about your stake

    • You obviously don’t know shit. It wasn’t dry. The myoglobin came out before I put it on that plate. As you can see the middle, I cooked it to perfection. If it was dry it would well done. So before you type again know what you’re talking about.

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