Favorite type of food?

Just want to know you're favorite type of food
  • Italian
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  • Mexican
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  • American
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  • Chinese
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  • Vegan, Vegetarian
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  • Greek
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  • Other - please specify
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  • Hard to say. If I had infinite wealth, maybe French. But what I indulge with most and probably like most often is Indian food -- spicy curry with nan or rice and Tandoori chicken and so forth. In particular my favorite restaurant is an Indian one and my favorite dish there is the mutton curry.

    • But what I indulge [/in] most [...]
      [...] spicy curry with [/naan] or rice [...]

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    • I do have a real soft spot for American food though and crave it often -- from American-style pepperoni pizzas to burgers and fries and chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese and all that.. but actually my favorite American food tends to be the junkiest stuff -- and often fast food -- guilty pleasures. :-D

    • But can't eat so much or I'll balloon up. So maybe that's another close contender if I didn't care about how it was affecting my body. :-D

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