Are all Irish oats gluten free? Or only if they say gluten free?

A wheat intolerance or wheat allergy is most common in people of Irish descent, with Ireland having 5% of the population being gluten-free and not by choice. I happen to have a gluten intolerance diagnosed by a blood test. Most oats in the US are contaminated by wheat because they rotate the crops from year to year and the wheat gets stuck in the machinery and gets into the oats food stream.

Are all oats from Ireland gluten free? Or does the can have to say "gluten free"? I don't want to be sick for 3 days again.


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  • Oats contain a form of gluten I believe but many celiacs don't react to it. Personally my issue is FODMAPS not gluten so I can't have either anyways :P

    • Studies show that oats do not contain gluten but are contaminated by machinery that also processes wheat. Hence, there are actually gluten-free oats out there but the farmer can never use the same machinery for anything but oats.

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    • By "ancient grain wheats" do you mean spelt or einkorn? I have never been able to find out if they contain gluten or bother people or not. Do they make decent bread? The girlfriend flours these days are pretty good.

      > I get super sick if I eat sourdough white bread made from commercial wheat

      Yeah, that's one anecdote supporting my theory. There are 600+ studies supporting the dangers of glyphosate. If you are interested in studies about glyphosate go here:

      List of 600+ studies from PAN are here:

    • Einkorn, Spelt, Emmer, Etc are all ancient grains meaning they are heritage species of wheat. They certainly contain gluten but less of it and in different ratios. If you are celiac they are likely not safe for you.

      I mostly use chick pea flour for my gluten free baking.

      Thanks for the links to those studies, I'll take a poke at it. I'd say that hypothesis is mostly a theoretical one for me right now but if those studies are pretty solid I'd be more serious about it.

      I think the case of the man suing monsato for his cancer should open the floodgates on this tuff hopefully.

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  • I’d go with only if it says

  • They probably have to say “gluten free” in order to be so. If it doesn’t say it, don’t try it and test your luck...


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