What is your evening meal tonight?

Mine is Ham & Beans with cornbread What is your evening meal tonight?


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  • i was really tired so i just opened a can of cream corn, poured it into a small pot, added some meatballs, chopped chives, frozen peas, and carrots, a teaspoon of chicken flavored "better than bullion" and ate it with some wild rice

    • You did very good

    • thanks, usually i'd cook something from scratch instead but tonight is just one of those nights that i just don't feel like cooking because i feel tired, fatigued, and exhausted. 😔

    • I hear you same way

  • My dinner tonight is Frankenberry cereal by General Mills Halloween edition that came out 1971 an all throwback cereal. If you're interested in learning more Google it and watch the old YouTube commercials


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