What is the difference between Ramen and a normal noodle?

Recently i have tried Ramen and i don't know if it is a noobish mistake but i don't see a difference between Ramen and a normal Packet Noodle

also why do you have EGG in ramen and not in normal noodles?


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  • Technically both are not ramen. They're both just instant noodles, and what Americans call "ramen" is very strange to me sometimes. This is an example of ramen:


    And there are many variations and all sorts of possible toppings but the common denominator is a Chinese wheat noodle and a broth (which is usually a very secret recipe and what chefs spend a lot of time creating).

    Sometimes those selling instant/cup noodles will put "ramen" on the label to suggest that it tastes or looks like ramen, though technically it is not.

    • >> [...] and what Americans call "ramen" is very strange to me sometimes.

      Like I've seen instant noodles with things like corn and green peas in it called "ramen" there, and that's very strange to me... but maybe like California roll is to sushi. It is a very Americanized idea of it.

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    • @dropkicknj13 Those ones are quite authentic -- like I tried some shoyu and miso ramen in San Francisco and that's pretty much the real deal. But I've also been to sushi restaurants in Texas that served like something resembling shio ramen except with broccoli and spinach and carrots and peas and corn and a clear noodle, and that's about the weirdest thing I've ever seen called "ramen".

    • Yeaaah that doesn't sound like ramen, especially since ramen is a type of noodle and it certainly isn't clear lol

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  • ... that’s the difference my Einstein.


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