Masterfoods Hot English Mustard?

Masterfoods Hot English Mustard I have some serious beef with you ! ! !
*cue applause it was a great pun*
The packaging of the mild and hot kind are basically identical appart from th seemingly obvious word hot and mild. However I don't know about you but when I'm at the table the angle to look at labels isn't exactly ideal. Anyway mum bough the wrong kind...
The stuff is basicaly toxic, yet my sister pretends to enjoy it.. So I got mum to buy the right one while my sister slowly hacked away at the one that makes you cry.
Anyway having both mustards in the house prooved difficult when one lunchtime by my table setting there was the mustard which i preceeded to apply liberally to my toast...
It was the wrong type.. Luckily this was acsertained prior to consumtion otehrwise serios things could have happend. So I had to give the toast to my sister.
Anyway I think something more obvious should be doen to their packaging design.
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  • Masterfoods Hot English Mustard?

    • Wow.. okay.. there are limits here tho..

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    • Perhaps a biohazard sticker in that case. :-)

    • Inded.
      You remember who called you quote guy?

  • Same thing happened to me, except I was after the hot one

    • I'd say a little bit less detrimental of a mistake though?

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    • Would u like to know Mr flirty pants?

    • Yes please 😀

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