How to lose weight?

I’m gonna be honest. I hate myself right now, I’m the worst I’ve ever been. The heaviest I’ve ever been and it’s disgusting, and the worst part is I have no reason. No sob story, no excuses of why I let myself get to this point over the fact I have no damn self control. I need to change but I don’t know how. At the moment I eat a lot of frozen processed shit like chicken nuggets, chips, pizza and all that crap. I try looking up healthier recipes but they’re so fucking complicated, there’s so many Ingredients and I can’t afford that. I also have the taste buds of a 2 year old. The food part is my issue, I can’t afford all the bits to make healthy meals from scratch. Exercise I’m fine with. But I don’t want to just cut back on junk, I want to change my diet completely because the shit that I’m doing right now is horrible for my body. I just don’t know how to create healthier meals that won’t cost me a fortune and that I’ll enjoy. Please help? 😭


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  • I have my own take on this but I believe in sustainable baby-steps:
    Psychological, Sustainable Weight Loss ↗

    An excerpt: Nutritional Awareness: Don't Shop Blind

    >> A person who is serious about weight loss should be able to guesstimate the calories (and ideally macro ratios and even micronutrients) of whatever they eat or drink. It's worth knowing that a handful of peanuts has more calories than an entire boiled quarter pound chicken breast. It's worth noting that a glass of orange juice has about as many calories as that chicken breast.

    >> If you can't do this whatsoever, then it is like shopping at a store whose prices are not listed and then just handing your credit card and accepting whatever it costs. You cannot shop economically if you don't know the prices of anything you purchase. Likewise if you have no idea how many calories are in what you eat or drink, you are being like that blind shopper just accepting any price, like happily paying thousands of dollars for plastic jewelry.

    >> When you start becoming aware of prices, then you can start to make small compromises that go a long way, like buying something you like almost as much as something else but costs half the price. With food and drinks and condiments you buy, you often have nutrition labels. Look at them. Take note. Compare at least the calories to alternatives in similar categories. Get at least some broad feel for this stuff so that you at least have a "fuzzy price tag" on what you "buy".

    You don't have to count calories necessarily. If you're starting at this from the point of eating things like chicken nuggets and chips and pizza all the time, then there's so much room for the most modest of improvements. And any modest improvement you continually apply will reflect on your body in the long run.

    Sustainable steps is what I preach. You don't have to eat like a fitness model to notice major progress given where you're starting from. One sustainable baby-step at a time, but make sure it's sustainable.

    • Same things for the training side. Of course you'll burn a boatload of calories and reach elite fitness if you train like an Olympian. But that might kill you if I suggested you do that. If not, it might make you so miserable. How about just trying to improve at something: speed, endurance, strength, coordination? How about one little tiny, but sustainable goal? My thoughts on training are identical to nutrition. I want you to choose things you can actually keep doing with reasonable consistency for the rest of your life. Then you'll begin to get consistency to the results you achieve instead of a life-long struggle of ups and downs.

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    • The smallest adjustment you can make to your life -- over time will make a big difference. There's no need to fret over your "relationship with food" and catastrophize the problem that way. I see people struggling doing that a lot. You just make one little compromise here that doesn't make you miserable, and stick to it -- that's a lot of progress! So don't fret -- just try to analyze your worst habits, and see if you can compromise just a little bit. You stand to make the most progress by plugging the very worst ones. And best of luck! :-)

    • You really helped a lot, thank you I appreciate that ☺️

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  • Easiest thing is to take the veggies you like and roast them in the oven. Make some roast chicken if you are a meat eater or you can use beans. Prep some lunches so you don't feel inclined to get fast food. You can easily make veggie bowls.
    I personally like Mexican. You can do a Mexican Sweet Potato Boat
    2 medium sweet potatoes roasted
    1 can black beans
    1 can corn (or do frozen bag cooked)
    pepper jack cheese shredded
    low fat sour cream
    taco seasoning
    4 servings of white rice
    light sour cream
    Once the sweet potatoes are soft enough to gently put a fork into mix them in a bowl with the corn, beans, rice and taco seasoning with 2/3 cup water and stir. Divide into four servings. If you have smaller containers you can put the sour cream and cilantro into them to keep separate until you are ready to eat.
    You can use this same concept for different bowls. Beans, rice, broccoli and chicken. Potatoes, peppers, corn, beans and rice.

    • Thank you, I’ll give that a try

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  • Seems like strong addiction for food , some supplements may reduce your love toward foods

    • Yup I definitely think I have. It’s horrible. What supplements could I use?

    • try to fill your stomach with something good like vegetables or apples so you will feel full.

  • Well it sounds like you've at least realized the first step, which is admitting that you have a problem and deciding you want to change in the first place. So, that's great. Second, your tastes will change and evolve naturally as you force yourself to stay away from frozen and processed foods, and start eating more whole grains and fresh fruits and veggies and eating less sugar. You'll naturally just not want the chicken nuggets and that bullshit as much. Good recipes really aren't complicated, I promise. Just search around more and find stuff that works for you, which incorporates more fresh fruits and veggies and lean protein like eggs or chicken.

    Also read this. Good luck out there sis.
    A list: What NOT to tell yourself when you want to lose weight ↗

    • Thank you. I think the hardest part for me is trying to ignore the cravings whilst my body tries to adjust, I really need to change my mentality and my relationship with food. Thank you for the link, I’ll check it out ☺️

  • All you have to do is burn more calories than you eat, that’s it


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  • How to lose weight?

    I've lost about 20 pounds in three months, drinking ginger root tea. I drink about a gallon per day. Give it a shot. It's dirt cheap!

    • I’ll try it, thank you :)

    • It works as a natural appetite suppressant. But I also cut out ALL processed foods. As yummy as they are, they're garbage. And you don't need fancy recipes to create delicious salads! :)

      But other than that, I don't weigh, measure or count calories. Just eat until you're full, and then STOP! Don't eat for sport or fun.

    • I think it’s because I don’t get home until quite late after lunch and supper time so I kinda just throw in some frozen crap because it’s quick and easy. I need to try and break that habit 😤😩

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