Will my tree grow or is it dead?

I have a orange tree that is like 5 years old but it is like premature and stopped growing because there's grass and weeds around it but i removed the grass and now im just hoping its gonna grow back to normal id be sad if its not gonna work
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Whoops sorry I meant 10 years


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  • Actually, I would have left the grass, and depending on the weeds, I would have left those too. They both help to keep moisture in the surrounding soil, which benefits the tree roots and will be especially important if your tree is currently struggling.

    Unfortunately, I don't know a lot about orange trees, but do you have a willow tree nearby? There is a natural tonic made from willow tree tips you can make that can help to bring the tree back. Willow trees can usually be found around the edges of lakes, ponds, rivers and creeks. If you have a willow tree near you, I can tell you how to make the tonic.

    • Also, are you able to post a few pictures of the affected parts of the tree? That might help to determine some things that could be done.

    • Yep we have a willow tree across the neibours home i could try post some later on

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  • Water it, trim the dead stems/leaves. Also give it more soil.

    Don't water it every day, that's too much. Water it ever 3-4 days in the begining then less as time goes on
    One of the biggest mistakes people make is water a tree too much.

    • It will grow stronger as time goes on.

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    • You are welcome :)

    • Also, it's not exactly uncommon for a citrus tree to live for more than a century so don't worry, maybe there's still something that can be done.
      Just take proper care of it :)

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  • it will grow, trees are strong enough to keep up for a couple of months without proper ground.

  • If you eat it's leaves and shit on the tree a day after it will grow super large.


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