Bob red mill Spelt flour manufactured in a facility that uses * tree nuts , soy eggs , dairy. Is it ok to use or no?

To my vegan people out there As im starting my vegan journey im trying to find the right spelt flour to use and i noticed soon as my purchased it it says. Where its manufactured. Im curious is this still safe to consume or no
Spelt flour is the healthy kind of flour. No gmo , gluten ,


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  • I’m a vegetarian. Check the ingredients and if it’s clear of animal products you’re good to go.

    If you’re looking for ethical food (ie, where it was made) you could shop at organic food shops.

    • Spelt flour is a healthy version of these store made poisoning flours with chemicals in it. where as spelt flour is non gmo no gluten or dairy any of that stuff but at the very bottom it says its manufactured in a facility that uses soy and such so im confused

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