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My friend (a guy) used to drink and smoke a ton and when he found out that if he keeps doing that he's gonna pretty much die, he stopped. When I found out that he started doing that on a regular basis, I basically gave him a lot of shit for it, made drama and stuff like that..
Anyway, last night I had my other friend (a girl) over for a sleepover with some alcohol (I didn't eat anything before drinking and took some painkillers like 3h before). I got really drunk and the guy basically started giving me shit for not eating and mixing pills with alcohol even though I didn't mean to. He basically blocked me on everything and said that what I did was too hard for him to watch/listen to. Him and some another friend are literally making this HUGE deal out of this, I've told them like 3/4 times that everyone makes mistakes and that was mine. Thoughts?


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  • Yeah. If you preach, you better hold those values.

    Beside alcohol and pills? Are you fucking nuts?


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