Would you eat my cookies?

HOKAYY, my decorating skills are a work in progress (it's so hard to draw with an icing pen)

(its also supposed to be Halloween themed)

they're ginger flavoured though and yummy despite the appearance Would you eat my cookies?
  • oh hell yis blub
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  • I would eat all of them except the one on the extreme left 🀣
    That vomiting face πŸ˜‚


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  • They look so cute! FYI for future tries, glitter and icing pens are for accents, the silver, black, red and gold edible metallic pens are for outlines and the butter cream icing is for the base. So if you wanted to draw an owl on a biscuit, you'd use brown butter cream, black metallic or icing pen for feathers/face and then coloured icing pens for the feathers/feet. But I think your biscuits turned out well. Congrats.

    • oh wow, are these very expensive? I'm new to this lel

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    • Yeah Woolies is often best. You might find some cake stores aka. Cheesecake shop, Ferguson Phlaree etc have them too but they'll probably be more expensive. Just check your local first. They'll probably have all kinds of things and you can google how people have used them. I love making cake scenes with icing. Buy two sponge bases, cut one into shapes and put it together, use the other as the base, use your different flavoured pens. Delicious.

    • ok cool, thanks for all the help !

  • As long as they are edible I would them. You just keep on improving your decorating skills. πŸ’–


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