Should I drink another beer?

Should I? I've already had 6, they're light lol


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  • Your poor brain cells though! It can hurt them. :( Be careful.

    • My brain is mighty. Beer is weak. I shall triumph. 🍻🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

    • Just always remember long term effects.

    • If you drink enough, you don't remember a whole lot of the night. :D bwahahahahaah. (insert funny line about drinking here)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Take a screenshot of this and 20 years from now look down at your stomach, before you ask "How'd this happen?" revisit this screenshot.

    Now I ask you, should you?

    • 20 years from now I'll be almost 50 :D totally worth it.

    • And screenshot that for future reference when your 50 and thinking "How the F did I get this way? 50 isn't 80..."

    • HEHEHE Ain't that the truth! :D I bet I'll feel like I will when I turn 30! I'm still going! :D

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