Am I a foodie? (Stinking 15 character minimum limit!)?

First of all, what's a foodie anyway? And secondly, I don't like a lot of foods, but when I find something I like, I'll eat it A LOT. I think that when I learn the art of cooking, I will like lots more foods.
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  • No. A foodie is someone who highly enjoys many different kinds of food, as well as the refinement, craft and presentation of it as well. Eating a lot of a certain kind of food you may enjoy is not a foodie by definition. But like you said, once you start getting into the craft and the art of cooking, you may begin to try and enjoy new foods that may qualify you as a foodie over time.

    However, I'd be less concerned about being a foodie and just enjoy what you like to eat though. After all, that's what cooking is all about: discovering what YOU like to eat. 🙂 As long as you eat a varied and healthy diet, just enjoy what you love.


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  • A foodie is a person who is not only knowledgeable about food but takes great pleasure in food. Finding, preparing, experimenting, serving, eating is similar to a religion and the kitchen is their church.
    Being a foodie goes beyond just liking food - it's understanding the alchemy of how ingredients work together, why they work together and appreciating the end result.
    I'm no foodie but I know a few.


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  • It's just a label bro, it just means you like food and try to be fancy trying new ones. You wanna call yourself a foodie, go ahead.

  • A foodie means a person who likes eating food and interested in knowing variety of tastes and foods.

  • I literally hate the word foodie

    • But what does it even mean?

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    • Never say never 😉

    • Umm I didn't? Lol. I might take an abnormal psychology class. Even though it doesn't fit with my career plans.

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