Is over eating a form of self harm?

I'm just curious because I do that a lot. I'm not talking about emotion eating by the way. I'm talking about over eating i. e. eating when you're not even hungry
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  • I went with "no" because it might be harmful to our bodies, but so is practically every indulgence. "Self-harm" seems too extreme to me where the desire actually is to deliberately hurt yourself.

    I could put it this way. For people who are prone to overeat a lot, if they had a magic way to erase all the negative health effects of doing that, I doubt most would pass it up and say, "No, I'm good. I'm actually deliberately trying to damage my body."

    • So it kinda depends why you're doing it?

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    • As a result I think it usually needs a different kind of psychological approach and treatment from someone who, say, has a tendency to cut themselves with a razor.

    • Mostly I don't want to conflate these two because that might imply that the treatment is the same for both. A personal trainer or nutritionist can often help people a great deal with their tendency to overindulge in food. They probably couldn't help someone nearly as much with a history of self-cutting, e. g.

  • It only becomes self-harm if done regularly and it begins to affect someone's health. If done for emotional reasons that culminate in someone eating instead of dealing with the issues that may be causing them to eat when they don't need to, then that would be something that would need to be looked into and dealt with. However, generally, it only becomes self-harm over a long period of time. If done only every once in awhile, there is no harm in it.


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  • It's more like a food obsession than self harm. U do it because you're used to eating too much and your stomach is also used to all the food u consume. So it may be harder to eat less


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  • Sort of , it hurts your body but most people do it without realising so I wouldn't class it as self harm.

    It's different to cutting or hitting yourself.
    It's more a disorder than self harm really.

  • Body has limits. Mind may not.
    Both should be kept in balance.
    Food has a purpose to our body, yours?


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