What type of meat/animal protein do you love most?

Hands down I love beef the most. I try to avoid the super greasy cuts, though. There’s nothing better than a filet mignon cooked to medium rare perfection 👌🏼
What type of meat do you love most? And how do you like it cooked? What type of meat/animal protein do you love most?


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  • While I agree a filet mignon is good, and beef tenderloin is the most tender cut of beef available the problem is because it's so lean it has very little flavor as flavor comes from the connective tissue and fat. If the tenderloin is cut into filet mignon medallions about 1.5 inches thick and then wrapped with bacon that greatly increases the flavor. Also after they're cooked put a knob of compound butter (soften butter, garlic, black pepper & chives) on the top of each medallion to melt and infuse more flavor as the meat rests before eating. I personally like the prime rib steak or I sometime buy a whole NY strip loin roast, dry age it for 45 days and cut it into 1.5" thick NY strip loin steaks and they're extremely good. I also like my beef cooked to medium rare.


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  • A nice thick juicy delicious perfectly grilled steak


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