Do you eat your crust?

i never do it's kinda gross and plain
  • no
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  • nom nom i have no tastebuds so i do
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  • Always! Well, If it's good crust. I make it mandatory that I eat it first so I can enjoy my favorite part of a pizza. It feels bad to waste. THERE ARE STARVING CHILDREN IN ANTARTICA

    • But once you eat it, the children in Antarctica are still craving aren't they πŸ˜”

    • I'll give them my crust

    • @Kenni - With the energy I got from eating the pizza crusts, I now have enough strength to make large orders for pizza's and ship to Antarctica to save those starving kids! :D

  • I thought this was about that dried blood crust when you fall and hurt your knee or something, I am not sure if I had eat that but I think I might have tried to eat it once as a child lol I also have early memories of eating sand in front of the house and also the facade of my house, I wasn't hungry but allegedly lacking certain nutrients although I can't remember why because I was too small, but not hungry. I always eat only crust from the bread if this was the question you asked, that is why that french bread is good since it's all crust.
    Do you eat bread crust or was this about the pizza crust maybe?

    • pizza crust is more tolerable than bread crust

    • the inside of the bread is the least easy part of the bread for your stomach, that is why it is the healthiest to eat a day old bread, since yeast is activated by water and humidity those thingies are still most active inside the bread where there is more humid, at least this is my theory but I think it's near the truth

Most Helpful Girls

  • I used to strictly not eat it, like I'd cut off the outer part on a waffle or pancake cause I thought it was crust. Now I don't care and eat it.

  • Here's the thing - good pizza has good crust. If you eat trash pizza then yes, the crust will taste crappy.


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