Up for stir fry? What do ya think?

Well it’s supposed to be chicken apple meatballs, quail eggs, green beans , portobello mushrooms and watercress with jasmine rice but I already ate all the quail eggs and green beans.. and I don’t feel like getting up to get more.
Up for stir fry? What do ya think?
  • 5. Wow that is magic!!
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  • 4. That s really solid!
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  • 3 seems ok
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  • 2. Uhhhhh I don’t think so
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  • 1 wtf chicken apple quail eggs?
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  • If I don't have time, I always stir fry. Quickest way to cook a meal, IMHO. You just have to have a hot enough stove to give you that "wok's breath", but even if you don't have that, you can still get a decent meal going.

  • It all sounds great except for the mushrooms and quail eggs. I eat the normal Reg eggs from the store that are white

    • Quail eggs are nice. You should try them sometime

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    • Wow how do you even cook them?

    • Thank you for most helpful award gag selection committee

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  • The eggs and apple threw me off. For a stir fry I enjoy broccoli, bean sprouts, king oyster mushrooms, carrots, snap peas, beef for my mix👍🏻


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