Do you consider this of bad manners or etiquette?

Lets say you are not strictly following a diet program but you are avoiding to eat certain type of meals to keep yourself in a good shape and losing weight (even if you are already fine and it is not about any allergies either or intolerance just you want to avoid eating bad food from certain food groups, like you don’t eat carbs of any kind or you skip dinner now ) So you are invited to a family get together at a restaurant or at some family house for a nice get together and catch up old times, these events take place at evening-nite.

If it is at some family member house, it is a potluck. So then when it is time to eat and everyone is serving themselves the food or someone is serving the food, you tell everyone “No sorry I don’t eat that” or “ I now don’t eat at dinner time) and then since you don’t eat what other guests brought cause they may sabotage your diet for just one darn nite (sweets, bread, pastries) you refrain from eating all nite what the people brought or in the last case you brought your own food to eat.

isn't that of a very bad taste? I mean bring your own food or deny eating what other people brought? I mean it is ony for one nite and the purpose of the get together was to have a good time and catch up.

Now I have my sister doing that and now 2 cousins are doing the same. They are trying to loose weight (they were never that that obese anyway) so now in each family event they avoid to eat what other people bring, or they just drink water, because the other people are not strict for what they eat and they give a ratz and they are not like counting calories they are enjoying the food other people brought.

One of those relatives is a male cousin, yesterday he asked some other relative to buy him a roasted chicken from a market on the way to the house, to give it to him at the house as what he was not eating the food that was going to get served at the house as it had flour (carbs), and it was made of pastry (it was a chicken pie)
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SO He ate the roasted chicken with salad and lemon water. Then his sister is also losing weight (I did not know) and she did not eat at all the whole nite because she is now skipping dinner as part of her personal program. She was not at the table when everyone was together, she was in another part of the house.
Do you consider this of bad manners or etiquette?
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