Do you smoke or drink?

I know the polls a bit off but you can go into detail in the comments. Just choose one for starters 😂 I dont smoke nor drink and honestly find both unattractive but to each its own. However for my 21st bday I tried some frozen shots at a bar. Only two of the 5 tasted decent but I’m really not trying to do it again. I also tried a wine cooler before but dont like the after taste of alcohol in general. Plus i think im a lightweight cause i giggle all day from just one sip and then Infall asleep #DoYouDrinkOrSmoke #FeelFreeToList #TheDesiiDiaries
I do neither
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I do both
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I smoke cigarettes/cigars
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I smoke weed/eat pot brownies
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I do vape/hookah
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I drink beer/wine/champagne
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I drink liquor
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1 y
What Fat Tuesday frozen daquiri flavor would you try? You can see whats in it beside each name. I recommend Bellini (tastes like peach soda) and Mardi Gras Mash (taste like hawaiian punch with a kick). I can't remember if i tried 190 octane. I think it tasted like orange soda. Amaretto was yuck
Do you smoke or drink?
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