Victory Gardens don't work, and the government doesn't 'understand that either. What do you think?

God just told me to walk into Taco Bell and rebuke them for selling Grade F ingredients at full price. I don't eat at Taco Bell or little caesars because their food is barely better than dog food. You can buy 50 pounds of dog food for $26, and that will keep you alive and healthy too. I did that and the manager had no idea how to react, and claimed she didn't know how to contact the owner, because I told her to tell the owner I said that. I laughed at her as I walked out though, because that was actually the most fun I've had rebuking a sinner in my life. And I made sure I was talking loud enough for the other customers to hear me too. Although there weren't many there anyway.

You may as well not raise a garden in your back yard, you may as well get a second job if you're trying to save money. ti takes 5 times as much money to raise lettuce in your back yard as Walmart can sell it to you, because you need to raise at least 100 acres to compete with their price, and it takes about 100 acres to keep a small family alive for a year.

The government never even understood this. "Victory Gardens" actually wasted people's money and wasted tax dollars and even impoverish people. I've tried to tell my own mother this several times, and she keeps farming in her back yard, even though she already knows I'm usually right about stuff, she keeps doing it anyway, and she wastes half her living doing that year after year, and I don't know how to get through to her. She may as well work two full time jobs for all the money she wastes trying to farm in the back yard. It's a shame.

Her husband, my stepfather, has told her that before himself, and she keeps doing it anyway, and he helps her do it even though he knows they lose more money than they make. They are both getting too old to keep full time jobs now, and he's a cement contractor (grandfathered unliscensed) and can't keep full time work any more.
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Also, even though I'm on a Zero Carbs diet, God told me I'm still eating too much. He said ONE egg for breakfast and a salad for breakfast, and then ONE large chili from Wendys and that's all for a DAY, that's about 400 to 450 calories, depending on what's in the salad, and about 23 grams of oatmeal carbs in the chili, and the salad is catabolic anyway. He said my ideal weight really is 155 and that if I cut that far I'll be fast as lightning again. I'm currently 180lbs.
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God said it's okay to eat Oatmeal and fried rice, because they are good for you even if you are diabetic, just don't over-do it. They have certain proteins that aren't even in meats, so they are good meat substitutes, even though they have a lot of carbs too. Also, he said you should eat your own fingernails, because it recycles nutrients in your nails that your body can use. I had no idea, i never chew my nails, but it's good for your teeth too, and don't brush your teeth every day...
Victory Gardens don't work, and the government doesn't 'understand that either. What do you think?
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