Would You Try Durian and if so, Why?

I mean, the stuff that describes this fruit all over the internet is actually horrible and the reactions are nasty, who believes you should eat such a grim food?

It is described by scientists to smell like “turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock”
Who the actual F*CK believes that is something you should be ingesting?

Now, there are people who have said they described it to taste like
Blue cheese
Fresh grass
And more

But I think that it might not just be that the fruit itself is disgusting, but maybe based on the ripeness, people seem to say fresh ripe durian taste either sweet or bitter, but I assume that the older it is the worse it tastes, but it could well also be tastebuds instead, either way, this is one seriously smelly food.

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2 mo
I have tried a durian cookie as a dare between friends and I literally gagged so hard, and no other food has made me gag like that, I made him have some too because he thought I was over-reacting so we were both gagging over one cookie, absolutely disgusting 0__0
Would You Try Durian and if so, Why?
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