What would you do in responce to your MIL?

my fiance and i are living with his mother due to saving for a house in difficult times. she's a smoking alcoholic who thinks she's my "best friend". she's very "my way or the highway" and tbh im a pushover. id rather just agree with someone than cause unessicary trouble. so the other night when i was getting ingredients out and ready to make myself dinner she offered to share food she had made instead... i thanked her and sat down to dinner she had made. pie and chips. i admit i have a weird habbit. i like to eat the meat out of the pie first before eating the crust. i had been using a fork to dip tje chips in the meat and occasionally i used a finger or two to steady the pie base so it didn't go running round the plate while i was scooping up the meat. she said "i would never want to eat in a fancy resturant with you. is this how your going to eat infront of your children? teach them to be horribly rude? i responded "probably" and proceded to pick the pie up with both hands and eat it like a truck stop pie. (admittadly probably not the best responce lol )

in the previous year she has only insulted my eating once before. i had made breakfast for everyone. toast eggs and beans. this is the only dish i do it with but i like to cut the whole lot up and then just eat it with a fork. i honestly believe its just a habbit that I've grown to enjoy doing from cutting up my younger sibblings food for them.

she's been out to resturants with me and she's seen i have impeccable manners. i dont see why with "family" i should have to be so uptight about how i eat. especially when eating pie and chips.
how would u respond?
What would you do in responce to your MIL?
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