Should we eat meat?

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Dilemma : should we eat meat
This is a constant dilemma about our health , environment and taste preferences.
Humans have eaten meat since we’ve lived on earth as we needed it to survive. However in the last few years there has been a small change as there are now 8% of the worlds population who are vegetarian or vegan , there are many reasons for this small but significant chance including health , animal protection and environmental concern. There are also concerns about the price of meat making 21% of the reasons not have a choice to eat meat , other reasons include religion and social justice.
There are many reasons but the most significant is health.
Yes we need protein for a balanced diet but protein comes in Different forms as it’s found in beans and pulses , and meat has all the 9 amino Acids that are hbv /high biological value. However there are vegetarian and vegan options that are hbv or you can combine two liv (low biological value ) proteins for the same nutrition
However studies show that meat is not ideal for the human body and may be making us sick and killing us , and by not eating meat, vegetarians have lower cancer rates and a lower risk of chronic disease.
Another reason is animal cruelty. People who decide not to eat meat for this reason is because they believe killing and eating animals is cruel, unsustainable and unethical and people should switch to not eating meat. The food industry is one of the biggest killers of animals and is responsible for mass suffering and death. Every year tens of billions of animals are killed for food and most of their lives are filled with fear. Nearly all animals in America today are separated from their families and crammed into filthy conditions. They are also deprived of all their rights they should have.

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Should we eat meat?
Should we eat meat?
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