Am I an Alcoholic if I drink one beer every night?

I get back from work, Cook dinner, clean house, sit down with the girlfriend watch her favorite tv show or movie (aka maintenance). So when the chores are all done and I got time to blow I go to the garage and tinker around in the wood shop. However I always find myself tinkering around with thing with a beer close by me...

I have been wondering, I don't feel like a need it but have grown up with dad and his friends would be dont building something in the hot summer day everyone would crack open and have 2-3 beers shoot the shit and everyone would go back home. Even when people come over for a visit I offer them beers or snacks if they like.

I just like the taste of a cold beer but I don't feel like I need to get drunk so I typically have only one and even the odd day I don't have one... Even when I have to work away from home I don't drink at all. Are these warning signs of a potentially budding alcoholic or am I a typical guy who likes to work on his hobby and enjoy a nice cold at the same time. For me I suppose it's a treat knowing that I get to have one nice cold beer. I don't go for 2 or 4 even 6... I always have one...
Am I an Alcoholic if I drink one beer every night?
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