Is this me being greedy (food wise)?

So whenever I’m about to cook/prepare myself something to eat, my mom always wants me to make enough for my brother and give him half of the food.

Now to clarify:

Usually my brother snacks and eat 2-3 meals a day. On his own time. But whenever I prepare myself something that is ONE ☝🏻 meal (My only meal). I need to give my brother half of that food. If not, I’m the selfish/greedy person.

so if I chop all the food groups and prepare the dish. And we eat half, I always think to myself wow, I wish I had seconds 😒😕.
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26 d
Well, I spoke to my brother about my thoughts and feelings. He was very understanding. That I made more than enough and still shared with him 🥰
Is this me being greedy (food wise)?
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