Do you like vinegar?

I'm asking because i just started to get into vinegars. Even tho they're pretty common in our place, i never paid attention to them much but i started to enjoy it specially the spiced coconut vinegar containing small red hot chili and garlic and sometimes with onions. I even put salt in it (Or you can use soy sauce but I just prefer salt) bringing out more of the flavors. Also the thing is coconut vinegar is not that strong nor sour that I take a spoons full of it sometimes lol. When food gets a little to rich, vinegar makes great equalizer!
Do you like vinegar?
4 d
By the way. I actually tried it with pizza like a week ago. It got a little too cheesy so i grabbed a small ramekin or sauce dish filled with spiced vinegar. I take a sip on it every time after i bite. I never enjoyed eating pizza better.
3 d it's because of this guy. His video reminded me how good vinegar is lol. Vegans might not wanna click this vid.
Do you like vinegar?
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