Steak practices for home cooking?

There are a couple of steak practices that I've experimented with and consider complete nonsense these days and have long since discarded.

One is flipping the steak as few times as possible at least on a pan. Might make sense on a grill but I've found no difference on a pan (ex: cast iron). You can flip and flip and flip on a pan in my experience and that just makes it easier to get an even sear on both sides.

Other is bringing a steak to room temperature before cooking. I've found this complete nonsense for home cooking at least.

My thinking is that this is restaurant advice. If you are a pro chef/cook in a restaurant working at a frantic pace with a backlog of orders, then it makes sense to be as efficient as possible and multi-task as much as possible. So bringing steak to room temperature might speed up a sear and flipping as few times as possible might allow us to focus on other things while we wait for the steak to cook on both sides.

What do you all think? by the way, what is your best advice for cooking a steak? Mine is dry-brine and basting in garlic butter at the end. Also if we got a real crap cut, marinade it in soda water for an hour before cooking.
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Do you guys know Guga Foods by the way? I just started watching and I didn't copy him but I came to most of the same conclusions as he did experimenting with steaks:
Steak practices for home cooking?
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