Serious Sauce Addiction?

Anyone ever developed a sauce addiction? I think I did that recently. I would define it as when you stop thinking about the foods first and sauce second and instead think about the sauce first and try to match foods to it.

A few weeks ago my wife brought home a 24 piece box of McDonald's chicken nuggets after she hung out with her niece. Yet they forgot the sauce. So we both tried eating one nugget and that was terrible. Gross. This is not Chick-Fil-A. This is McDonald's.

What are we supposed to do now? Suicide isn't a practical option. We have people who depend on us. So we were both really down on our spirits but I remembered all the times when people told me to man up. I need to man up. I need to solve problems, not dwell in them or make them worse.

So I looked up recipes for how to make a honey mustard sauce as well as watching YT videos and I discovered this perfect recipe which consisted of honey, yellow mustard, mayo, and lemon juice and black pepper which I had around. So I kept mixing it and tasting it and I put too much honey so I put more mustard and I liked the black pepper punch so I put more of it and it's like, OMG! This is even better than McD's honey mustard sauce! My wife agreed.

But then we ate the chicken nuggets with my new homemade honey mustard sauce and the next day I want to put more honey mustard sauce on stuff. So we made white rice and I tried to put honey mustard sauce on white rice and that wasn't so good. Then I tried to put it on salmon and that was so-so. I put on fried chicken and I dipped my fried chicken in my homemade honey mustard sauce. We made hot dogs and I usually like them just with yellow mustard but I put just the smallest dash of mayo and honey and I could swear it made it all better.
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I just keep wanting to find things to go with my homemade honey mustard. At this point, I think if someone offered me pizza, I wanna try to put a variation of my honey mustard sauce on it. You just kind of adjust the lemon/pepper/mayo/mustard/honey/black pepper until it fits. It has become a bit dysfunctional. I made boiled eggs the other today and I dipped them in honey mustard sauce. For the eggs, I put more mayo and black pepper than anything else. Anyway, anyone ever done that?
Serious Sauce Addiction?
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