Does anyone else do this?

what i do is,,, take like my used mcdonald burger wrapping.. and french fry holders.. and the milkshake cups they give you.. and put them in my cupboard.. then when i make my own burgers and fries for wayyy cheaper, i jus put them in the mcdonalds wrapping and eat again, and also with milkshakes... i also do it with pasties from the pasty shop and my own ones... am i jus weird? for some reason it makes eating the food seem more tastey and enjoyable than eating off a plate... does anyone else do this? am i weird?
Does anyone else do this?
yeah ur pretty weird, why bother? it tastes the same
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nah, i do it too
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nah, but thats a good idea, id try it
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Does anyone else do this?
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