Is eating organic really healthier than eating normal food?

Is eating organic really healthier than eating normal food?
Even regarding costs of it. Because I heard eating or buying organic is expensive and that I found out from a friend who does not even live here I live, she lives in anotehr counry.

I mean scientific and nutritional information always had said eating organic is good for you as it is natural, free of chemicals and pesticides but the cost of it is the goods and food is more expesnvie and not everyone can eat lets say healthy. So there are organic veggies, fruits that you can find a special market aisles but also you can find common ordinary (not organic) fruits and veggies in market aisles as well. So people who can't afford the organic they pick the normal veggies.

So my question is if you consume organic and you consume normal are both beneficial?
I ask this because I hace a male cousin who is a bit of a show off and most of the veggies he consume are organic and he buy them at special organic fairs that only sell organic , vegan, lactose free, gluten free, sugar free, stuff such as veggies, fruits, cheese, bread, cold cuts, he does not buy his stuff at normal supermarkets and he is intolerant to nothing. But where he goes things are pricey. He says: ªYou have to eat organic is healthier and it is free of everything, as produce and items at markets are not free of stuff and you are filling your body with chemicals that harm your body".

My cousin had always been a show off and always like to impress people taht he eats good and healthy. My cousin on the otehr hand lvoes to eat desserts, I mean normal desserts, no sugar free but he does not eat it often though. He alsso smokes cigars from time to time only in special occasions and he says cigars are not bad for you.
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I mean I do acknowledge taht organic stuff is better and healthier, but people who can't buy organic they buy stuff at the markets at the normal veggies and fruits, etc and they can also eating healthy because they are organic does not mean they are bad for you right?

Is local fresh produce the same as organic stuff or not?
Is eating organic really healthier than eating normal food?
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