Canadian trying Asian snacks : NESTLE BANANA KIT KAT Japanese KIT KAT I love banana flavoured sweets and candies. So when I saw that NESTLE has come out with a...

Starbucks Cinnamon Shortbread Frappuccino Review Video I love cinnamon in most desserts and I also love coffee flavoured desserts. STARBUCKS...

Booze Toons: The perfect alcohol and Saturday Morning Cartoon combinations

Millennials love booze and classic cartoons. But, how about both mixed together? Here are a few cartoon and drink pairings. Hey Arnold-...

LINDT LINDOR ALMOND milk chocolate REVIEW VIDEO I love chocolate and I also enjoy almond flavoured desserts. Something about all almond...

Food's I Grew Up On

I present to you, the reasons I am so chubby. Gumbo Dressing Brunswick Stew Crab-legs Chicken And Dumplings Ya welcome :p

Why Indian Food Is More Than Curry

Some people think that Indian food is all about curry even through India have most diverse food and non Indian only have explored north...

What's your favorite healthy recipe with red meat?

It was Eid yesterday and we sacrificed a bull and two goats... So there is plenty of meat in the freezer and that's the only protein I'm...

Not a person who likes to eat?

Is there anyone here who struggles to eat? I’m not a foodie at all and I eat very healthy and I know people who don’t eat healthy but...

What's your favourite foods ?

Mine lasagna, crayfish curry, English breakfast, cheddar melt burger with onion rings, fries and mushroom sauce.

Why is the Papa John's website DOWN 3/4ths of the time?

they really need to get their sh*t together

Do you believe animals such as chickens, pigs, and cows have emotional feelings?

I am not vegan myself, but this is something vegans bring up a lot. Some key conversation points would be animal torture, separating mom...

Which is better for a first date?

It's for a picnic by the side of a lake. The sunset sounds good but he'll be less tired for lunch so I don't know, what would you...

Do You Mind Eating/Drinking After Other People?

I do. I don't like drinking or eating after someone else. My family thinks I'm rude for being like that but i am like the only one in...

Is ice a food or a drink?

Let's think about this here. Ice is something you can eat, but it also melts in your mouth as you crunch, so you are really drinking it...

Which food do you have to have when watching a great movie?

after choosing say in comments what food you love to eat with a goid movie it can be any thing not on the list an open to annoymous to