Respect All Elders? No thanks!

Respect All Elders? No thanks!

Just recently, I've had the magical honour of chancing upon a much older man on this site who I believe have absolutely mesmerised me with his tragic intelligence even at 57 years of age, for I utterly couldn't help but well... feel sorry for this genius of a pea-brain.

From threatening to beat me up to demanding that I meet up with his ancient, self-righteous ass just so he could teach me a lesson, I was indeed touched and deeply inspired by his wisdom yet amused at the same time.

Respect All Elders? No thanks!

Once upon a time, there was a barbaric bozo. He would try hard to be virtuous but no matter how hard he tried, he was instantly declared piteous. I was the villain, the witch. He was the Extra and the Unwanted. Kidding, too savage, but you get the hint.

It all started with a comment, from my side:

Those downvotes are from sulky, butthurt men LOL.


In an instant, some random man comes flying out of the bush, about as triggered as King Kong banging hardcore on his chest

What's up with all your demeaning remarks , ms Singapore? Got a problem?

'WOW, this grumpy old man cared to checked out my profile. Meh, lemme see his profile.

Lo and behold, his cover page is of a young Filipina wife posing with what seems like an ugly Barbie doll car. He's there in the profile pic with dem shades smiling away looking all smug and shit. Typical. Ah.

Respect All Elders? No thanks!


Me: Yes, I have a problem. Demeaning shit begets demeaning shit. Bye

Again, the old man shrieks in retaliation:

I'll be in Kuatan , Malaysia this up coming November. If you want , I'll teach you the reason why you should keep your f.. mouth shut. Stupid little girl...

You Asian piece of shit! We'll see how rugged you really are when we meet!

Talk is a cheap bitch. Oh and I'll hit you so hard.

Wait, his wife is Asian... Oops. What an asshole, demeaning his own wife indirectly? Interesting.

Respect All Elders? No thanks!

I told you already , I'll be there in Kuantan shortly. I'll help you make it happen. If your for real...

Lol, as if I have time for peasants like him. Bwahahaha.

I searched your name up online. I have nudes of you. I found your number too. Wanna own up now?

Respect All Elders? No thanks!

Someone must be so triggered that his wife never fought back and now that a young girl like me is doing so, he feels powerless. Yuck. Stupid daddy.

Respect All Elders? No thanks!

Needless to say, he gets agitated as he realises he's talking to the wall. Remember, I'm in office doing work and ain't got time for peasants :) And he intrudes again, with a notification popping after not having heard from me.

Ahh , all of a sudden quiet

Soon after, a kind human being breaks the silence for me, but this old man is reluctant to give up. Alas, it's his last straw. And so he argues further:

I'm acting like a jerk? No I'm not , and please dont reinforce a person who's talking filthy crap to their elders , including you.

If you want to side with someone like that, then your no different.

She's full of filthy words and quite the jerk herself. If you want to reinforce her stance , then your just the same as her.

That's right , western woman.. in the Pacific islands we teach differently. Our cultures are way different than yours. Over hea , you get a slap upside your effn head for being disrespectful. Her culture and my culture are alittle different , but neither are your culture... so but out..

Moral of story:

I kiss the asses of all elders even if they treat me like shit. Because I'm a dumb fuck who can't stand up for herself. People, listen up. Respect all your elders. If they hit you, be grateful and feel blessed. You're not allowed to ever stand up for yourself. Even to creepy old men over the Internet. Even if they ask you for nudes. Even if they order you to do shit you're not comfortable doing. People, ALL ELDERS ARE GODS. They're always right! Legend has it that being an elder is a green light to behaving like a jerk. Long live the Ancient, Salty Ancient Kings and Queens!


Respect All Elders? No thanks!

Respect is earned, bitch. You don't demand it. That's all for now, bye bye.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • everybody earns a baseline of respect. the baseline for older people is just a tiny bit higher. hoever that baseline of respect every human deserves can be easily revoked if the person is a douchebag. fuck them if they are. doesnยดt matter the age.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh sweet memories. lol!

    I am the kind human being referenced in this question so I have a bit familiarity with the examples referenced and here are my thoughts on this matter.

    To @Richareens - You are correct. Elders do not get respect just because they are elders if they do something to loss that respect.

    Elders will lose respect if they do something like if they tell a 19 yr old girl on the internet that they want to meet in person to teach her a lesson and slap her. Or search her out on the internet to threaten her they found her nudes (I did not know this happened. Wow!! Talk about being a little too inappropriate and strange!!).

    And they do all this because they did not like something someone said on the internet! And at the same time, they expect respect just because of their age. Yeah, good luck with that. *rollseyes

    To @djaaay As I said previously, give it a rest already. You acted like a jerk. Saying you did not threaten that it would be *you* personally to teach her a lesson, is not only a lie but it is also a distinction that does not matter. You wished her bodily harm - whether that harm would be from you personally or not does not matter. I believe G&G has now scrubbed your comments but I remember them and @richareens quoted them though she graciously did not attach your name to them. You outed yourself that those were your comments so G&G can not hold that against @richareens.

    And I am glad she saved them. It is a good thing to display this kind of behaviour when it occurs especially since it is so funny and ironic because respect is insisted at the same time this pathetic and disrespectful behavior is happening.

    Maybe you should re-read your comments that have been quoted in this question and think about whether your actions are something I should respect?

    I can tell you, I have very little respect for you based on your actions and it is a shame for you, because I am one of the few people I know that always starts with respecting and believing an individual when I first encounter them, even on the internet. lol!

    • Oh shut your ass effn Haole. Funny how some people like to jump in and act like they going to be fair, but don't see it for what it is either. My wife wants to knock her teeth out , I'm not idiot. Tf do you know about out here , and you live in another part of the world. You willing to come out here and stand with her to back her up? If not then zip your lip

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    • We'll , still waiting?

    • @Djaaay Shut the fuck up, you pedophile scumbag. You got owned, face the facts.

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What Guys Said 23

  • Ok?

    Except there's a problem with your logic, most elders don't demand or even ask to be respected, most of them just are respected because they're respectable and what they have been through and done is respectable.

    Secondly no one ever said you had to respect all elders in the first place much less some random nut on the internet.

    But the vast majority of elders are people who are respectable people and your right respect is earned but most elders already earned it, a long time ago.

    Also you should take the responsibility for posting a inflammatory comment which incited that man to comment in the first place. You have no right to complain when how you worded your comment is a prime target for those exact kinds of people.

    And yes what he said was bad and awful but you didn't help matters by fanning the flames. And continuing to piss him off, you could have just done the respectable thing and ignore instead having a pissing contest with him. Which in the end solved nothing.

    It seems to me the one who is triggered here is you, if you really felt the need to make an entire mytake slandering/talking about an entire group of people just because of one experience with a random older man online.

    And you talk about respect but based on what I am reading here your are neither respectful or respectable yourself. Kind of humorous to me seeing that kind of person preach about respect.

    Feel free to comment or don't.


    You literally typed all that shit. You both clearly want to bang.

  • He might have just deserved to be blocked. But what did he mean about in the "pacific islands"? He is just a sugar daddy and when he gets too wrinkly or becomes broke, that woman is just going to leave him to die alone in old age.

    • He was from Hawaii :)

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    • Ah, so that is how he commands respect. He simply went to his local high school and found a teenager who didn't know any better.


    • What would you tell me if I blatantly started off by disrespecting you?

  • From the little I have seen you write, you don't seem to have respect for anyone or anything.
    The poor old lad is just getting flashbacks from the good old times when they used to beat the crap out of kids like you with bundles of reeds.

  • You have to understand, 20 years ago, "elders" were the Greatest Generation. They lived through WWII and the Depression and a lot of other shit besides. They were worthy of respect, and well capable of earning it for themselves.

    Nowadays, those people are all dead and the vast overwhelming majority of "elders" are baby-boomers. They suck, they've always sucked, they never did anything good, and they squandered every single good thing that all their forefathers had bequeathed to them, and they didn't even bother to raise their own kids, they let the TV do it for them, that's Gen X.

    Baby boomers do not deserve any respect, they are the reason there's no economy anymore. Baby boomers voted for every lying politician who ever whispered sweet promises in their ear, and then they stole money from social security, shipped jobs and manufacturing overseas, deregulated the banks, and the boomers lapped it all up because they were living high on the hog and most still are, even though their children and grandchildren will never taste that level of opulence.

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What Girls Said 15

  • I think we should all have a base level of respect for every person we meet. Especially for those older. When someone is slightly rude I find it's best to bite your tongue and carry on, if someone is threatening and extremely disrespectful then of course stand up for yourself. But on its most generic level, you should generally have a level of respect for your fellow humans, even if they themselves might not have it.

  • Honestly there's just a lot of salty bitter old men online, especially on this site. There's just not much you can do about it except try to duck and dodge them.

  • Wow I like this, so much fake and incorrect from the one source is a strange sight indeed, especially one claiming to be so knowledgeable...

    • Hehe thank you โค

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    • @Djaaay Massive ufa to you as well :)

    • LMFAOSH...

  • Don't worry about ol' boy. His headed to the cemetery ass is going to die soon anyway.

  • I always do respect every age here until I feel something cross my line and irrespective to me as same human, I will use my standard with them because nothing guarantee even this site system that they can improve themselves anymore. Eldest and youngest mean nothings for this site and maybe for real because I found more for that I can say. Regards.

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