Being A Sociopath

I'm 19 years old, I like drawing and books and oh by the way, I'm a diagnosed sociopath.

There are many MANY people that automatically assume all sociopaths are BAD and can't feel anything... like no feelings at all.

I actually find it kinda funny - when you tell someone 'I'm depressed, I have anxiety, I suffer from panic attacks' the response usually sounds something like 'Oh, I'm so sorry.'

But when someone says they're a sociopath, people immediately judge you.

So I just kinda stopped mentioning it.

You know, before you ask - we have emotions, of course we do. I'm still a human, right?

Sociopaths may not feel emotions the same way as other people do, but the thing we're lacking is empathy.

I can preted that I feel bad for your dead hamster, but honestly, even if I wanted to, I just can't be truly sad for you.
Even love is kinda... strange. I heard many girls talking about butterflies in their stomach, when they are with their lover/crush, but for me - the butterflies aren't there.

Sometimes I wonder what love TRULY feels like...

When you tell someone you're a sociopath, there are many stupid questions you get.

"Does that mean you are empty inside?", "You wouldn't cry when your parents die?", "Can you feel hapiness?" but there was one from my ex-boyfriend... "Can you even feel love?", it was when we were breaking up, because apparently I didn't give him enough attention.

There wasn't any special feeling I could compare to love. We started dating, because he was trying really, really hard, so was just like 'meh, let's date.'

He was a nice guy, he knew about my condition and yet he wanted to date me.

As always, the butterflies weren't there and they never appeared, but I didn't mind being with him, I didn't mind his presence and being with him was fun, that's probably the closest feeling to love I can get.

To wrap this up- If you have any questions, feel free to ask.Being a sociopath.


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  • I don't have any questions, instead, i have more to add...
    I completely understand what you are talking about. When i tell people im a sociopath, they automatically assume "Psychopath" and its not true... socio's (as i call em) just know how to distance themselves. Its not like we don't have emotions, or know that other people are going through emotions, (using your hamster example), yea, i know your hamster died, yea, i know you are sad, yea, i feel bad for you, but only on the surface.
    Beneath that, i believe things (people) die... move the fuck on.
    Nice Article, but i think i will re-write it.
    Sociopaths are not the cold fucks people think we are... we just see a direction "regular" people don't see...

    • Please do re-write it

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    • @Tdieseler oh sorry i should explain bettter.
      When younger before all the trauma dog died so i felt sad,
      after developing into a sociopath later in life where emotions got numbed,
      even death of a family member, a distance relatiive like an uncle or cousin and i don't want to attend their funeral.

      It could be because i don't care, or maybe i'm got traumatised, because of dog, i don't wanna go. So i just sit at home bored, sometimes thinking about it, mostly just bored

    • @Chaoseverywhere Thats not a sociopath darling... thats just you. You never really cared about the dog. Sociopaths do care... they just imagine killing it.
      You are not a sociopath or a psychopath... ur just ignorant sir.

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  • i dont think anyone really personally feels bad that someones hampster died, they just act that ay to be polite. as or the guy thats exactly how people feel when they are not into someone.

    also i dont think people do not actually feel bad when someone else feels bad you just acknowledge it out of respect.

    i do have a few questions,

    do you get pleasure from people being harmed,

    do you like to manipulate people,

    did you torture animals asa kid.

    do you 'care; about anything involving living beings even in a general ay i not personal, or is it just kind of 'they are there to amuse you?

    say a kid you knew was raped would it bother you at all?

    if someone was being bullied and you could prevent it would you bother , and if so would you bc you care or bc it looks good?

    do you lie easily without caring if it fucks up other peoples lives?

    I think deliberately causing harm and enjoying it , or being indifferent to other people, is a world of difference to 'not feeling every emotion other people have'.

    as for me, i can identify others emotions easily but i dont directly feel anything for the emotion., though im kind about it bc im a decent person.

    i also do not approve of suffering - when it is senseless and can be prevented, it makes me angry.

    i dont feel sad bc a person is sad, im not good at giving 'comfort', it makes me uncomfortable , yet I am very good at looking at it intellectually- discussing why they might be having difficulty or what they can do. I can analyse feelings very well. I just dont like to be immersed in others emotional surges.

    I like giving advice on line bc its sterilized. but this is more likely bc i feel a lot of empathy rather than little. but i still shit down similarly as if i felt none. so point is these things are complicate, and yeah people should not assume.

    what is your life like as far as friends family pets etc? if any died would it matter in an intimate way to you? obviously it would register, and it might be inconvenient, but do you know what kind of affective reaction you might have?

    • Are you serious? You never felt sad when you saw someone else cry? Your heart never dropped, you never felt like cradling and protecting someone when you saw them suffer? When you just "acknowledge" someone elses suffering out of "respect" (aka because you want them to like you for selfish reasons), doesn't that make all human interaction selfish and ultimately meaningless? I mean yeah by now I'm jaded, but when I was a kid I constantly felt other's emotions... I thought that was normal. Especially for girls. Why would you only feel for yourself, unless you think you matter more than everyone else? If the lives and feelings of the people you love don't matter to you as much as your own, then how does anything matter?

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    • @VIVANT
      Then it's complicated. Non-violent sociopath - non-violent psychopath honestly it's almost impossible to tell apart. the shit i do people would considered psychopathic. but the diffference is the rush. maybe but i don't feel a rush when i hurt anyone, and you do seek out to hurt. COnfusing :/ you could be non-violent sociopath (with a rush?) or non violent psychopath. same shit different smell , can't tell apart.

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  • To say that sociopaths "lack empathy" is simply false. Sociopaths often have strong cognitive empathy but they lack functional empathy. They KNOW what other people feel, but those feelings matter nothing to them. On the other hand, the autistic lack cognitive empathy but often have very strong functional empathy. Autistics have no clue what other people feel but care very deeply once they are clued in.

    The interesting thing is that sociopaths are usually far more popular than are autistics specifically because of this difference. The sociopath knows what others feel and is so uncaring that the sociopath has no emotional aversion to manipulating those feelings. This makes them popular, since most people are very easy to fool. The autistic, on the other hand, just blunders around with no understanding for what is going on. People then hate the autistic and blame the autistic for an actual handicap while they reward the sociopath for being so successfully manipulative (see also Donald Trump).

    • Sociopaths can feel what others feel but the difference is, they don't do it automatically

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    • shit did i just say hitler was successful? He was pretty good but make retard decisions got wreaked. hitler was prob psychopath/un-genetic sociopath.

    • @pooper89 yes they "feel" something. If a sociopath ever feels "a bit down/sad" then a normal is on suicide watch. If they feel "meh that was ok i guess" a normal person would think that's the happiest day of their lives

  • I dated a sociopath for two and a half years. I just didn't really get it at the time.

    But yeah, she was generally just selfish and put as little work into the relationship as possible. Sex was pretty amazing though, felt like I was starring in my own porn multiple days a week.

    • Yeah sociopaths love sex, pumps dopamine, make them feel a bit "happy", thats why they always cheat (but the girl hopefully didn't), also if you dated one you're supposed to be traumatised like all my ex's.

  • How does it feel to be labeled serial cheaters and take the blame for dumbshit some weak narcissist person did. lol
    I know you assholes/bitches have empathy, maybe a little, you feel remorse. Until then, keep doing that sociopath thing.

    I think they blame psychopaths now though lolz

  • To tell you the truth I have envied sociopaths and psychopaths for some time. Living without guilt seems like such an easy way to go through life especially for a person with Aspergers like me for whom guilt is a constant companion.

    • false misconception, sociopath feel guilt sometimes, it just passes quickly because they shift the blame away. but they can never love, feel true happiness, everyone they come into contact with doesn't end up well. get girls easily yes, but they use them like a blowup doll.
      Money eventually becomes something to just chase thrills with. they have too much , you dare them to burn it they prob will.
      you still want to be sociopath?

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    • also in the spectrum, most are low/normal iq, low function sociopaths are retarded (rob and kill for money), go in and out of jail.

      You have to be genetic, high iq, control ur godcomplex, your urge to chase thrills - to be a successful sociopath

    • also if you fuck with another sociopath (sociopath often try to fuck others for the lulz), and he was more "high functioning" you'd be dead if he spots you, before you spot him :). I avoid all sociopaths i see. Even this really hot girl, who clicked with me, had a weird attraction, i see very heavy signs and similarities to me, i stay the fuck away from her. Can't tell who spotted who first. I would date her for the thrill even though i could be fucked if she was more "high functioning". or i could fuck her up "if i was better". So i control my retarded god complex and stay away. But if she comes over to my house we'd prob have a relationship (just to see what happens). Luckily she doesn't, so we're both safe.

  • Hey lets make an app for sociopath/psychopath dating. We'd all date and have psychological warefare for power, it would be madness and mayhem, we'd prob end up all dead. that would be hilarious and make the world a better place. Would make up for all the dumbshit we do lololololol since the beginning of time (we prob caused every war since the beginning of time, but we convince them it was someone else, or they started it not me) LOLOLOLOL

    • by the way you're scared of being judge now. Because sociopaths don't develop until well into their 20s (mine hit at around 24-26). Now i don't give a shit lol. I tell people hey im sociopath whats up brah, they don't me anyway. Then i randomly troll them, say i have bipolar and other shit, i fake it so well, they're like you're fucking messed up, i told them i know i need help can you give me money. They give me money, i burn the money infront of them, because i don't give a fuck.

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    • @TomasLyy

      I don't brag, this girl is insecure a bit (young age), so i try to show her the positive sides thats all. explain to her that things will get better in adulthood. because she behaves kinda like me. It's rare to find others like me to talk

    • @TomasLyy

      she's trying to cope. Imagine someone tells you, you can never love/feel happy. That would be crushing to a teenager, i found out at around 27 so i could cope well.

      Only we can sociopaths/psychopaths/whateverpaths can see the logic in my madness :)

  • I believe the diagnoses of psycho and sociopath to be bullshit. Seems more of an excuse to explain bad behavior over the last 50 years.. I do believe in bipolar and attention deficit disorders, but not the medication that's prescribed to treat them.

    • even the later terms you mentioned are debateabble wether they realy exist

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    • @TomasLyy

      nah im not. i went to blackschool but didn't study hard. didn't turn black. only black inside.

  • You seem like an average person to me by your description. Doctors have no right to diagnose normal people like you with things thst dont really exist.

  • No questions, I've worked with many a sociopath, one who I am good friends with years later and he's 20 years older than me.

    They're people, I am not fully sociopathic, mine isn't natural it's learned due to emotional and verbal abuse I suffered from my mother while growing up.

    I have feelings but they are muted, my responses aren't as 'enthusiastic' as others think they should be, my vocal tone has very little inflection unless I force it to (putting on the mask).

    • Hi I noticed you mentioned growing up with a verbal abusive mother as I have grown up and still live with my verbal abusive father. I would like your help. can I personally message you about something relating to that?

    • sociopathy is really rare and impossible to diagnose. Inside sociopathy there are types. Some of them even mix with other disorders. Mine is genetic, my father never talked to me for more than 5min in my life cos he didn't give a fuck, luckily i didn't a fuck either. Never craved for his attention. Or any attention really, just don't care. If you're sociopath and got abused that person should be dead by now. Sociopath hold grudges for lifetime and will do it back to you 10x+ worst at least. Everyone who ever tried that shit on me, has paid for it. Several times over.

  • How'd you get diagnosed exactly?
    Sorry but people on the internet ranting how they're a sociopath is hard to take seriously - you can guess why
    Also you don't seem strange at all, some people are just different. Just because you don't feel bad about a dead hamster doesn't make you a sociopath

    • full blown symptoms don't show up until mid 20s. I kinda find it hard to (but she is prob lying) that makes her a sociopath? weird right

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    • hmm ok. but i dont care lol seeya

    • which made me more powerful than another them. whoa i think i have a hidden illness more power than sociopath/psychopath/fuckinganypath. whoa i feel like god

  • Welcome to the club, luv. We're the one's it's still socially acceptable to hate. You'll get used to it... *sigh*

    • Actually Sociopaths make great leaders, the issue of making hard decisions that effect people is diminished and allows them to make sounder decisions without all of the messy emotions to cloud up their judgement. Call it the Spoke effect...

    • @Philyouup You're thinking of psychopaths. Sociopaths aren't unemotional; they just lack empathy. More Joker than Spock...

  • Well i do have all of the quailtes a sociopath but the one, cause i can be sad if my friend died or from tv show been sad, but i would never feel sorry otherwise. But since i have all the other traits of a sociopath i think i am one.

    • yo same. Sometimes cry during tv and shit. Not when family dies... i don't know

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    • i hope i'm right. psychopath fuckers correct me if im wrong.

    • by the way everyone the poster has been trolling the fuck all over town.
      you see some girl (18-24) ANON post dumb shit, or post text similiar
      to her. then its her lol

  • You are who you are. I sometimes feel like I'm a mix of Sociopathic and Psychopathic. But mostly I think I am dead to many emotions. I get more upset when a dog dies or suffers than a person, for whatever reason. But I enjoy people and certain things make me emotional still, but usually it is anger or excitement. I bet you could love a special someone. Watch "Natural Born Killers" with Woody Harrelson. You may like it.

    • You might have a very rare condition. Sociopathic tendencies+psychopathic tendencies+bipolar i'm not even sure lol. If you're truly sociopath/psychopath you'd "love" them when they're there, when they're not, and girls come over (girls love us, but we use them as sextoys fuck us right), you'd cheat easily (or murder them if psychopath, traumatised if non violent type)). either-way there is no special someone for any sociopath, they think they do, but they don't. I think i do, but i keep hurting everyone i try to help lol or "love".

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    • @Chaoseverywhere so what are you waiting for? Lol

    • @MrMAC777 sorry just returned from drugged infused rampage,

      anyways by the way apparently CAN bipolar+sociopath/psychopathy. It's very weird... google it.

  • I have questionS:
    Why anonymous? Srsly. Pointless.
    …and…did you give your former boyfriend some attention?
    I'm apparently sociopath too. I just don't care anymore.

    • maybe she got diagnosed wrong, there's 2-3 other personalities very similar, or maybe she is one and did that to try and trick us. if sociopath studs/bitches will be all over us. so yea prob gave attention.

    • @Wolframium yeah i don't care about anything too, 90% SURE SOCIOPATH HERE. stay away from me you devilish thing you.

  • Don't expect the rest of us to make allowances for you, though.

    I know I don't.

  • Sociopathic tendencies, not a sociopath. If you were you wouldn't have any conscious feelings, you expressed some above so not a true sociopath. That's a good thing.

  • Just so we're clear on this you DO realize that when people hear sociopath they immediately think "uncaring manipulative asshole" right?

    • thats me, also cold, evil, asshole, should die heard it all. Sorry emotions all gone, don't really get affected by verbal abuse lol

  • That's actually normal for a person of your gender.

    • Ummm, dude? I don't know where you got that notion but not all nineteen year-olds are/act like sociopaths.

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    • @brainpancakes No, trust me, kid:

      There is nothing and I mean NOTHING fun about being stupid.

    • @bananaman177 you know you just if she was really diagnosed with it, i'd prob believe her (not sure). But she's probably only telling half the truth (they're compulsive liars) and sociopath don't turn full-blown sociopath until well into adult hood :). I was like her, a bit, then again why the hell would i go to a psychiatrist (god complex yo). Maybe she never went, but she's say diagnosed so we believe her. Because she knows if she doesn't say it, people will call her out. everyone here just got manupilated lol, and confused, if she was one. She probably is

  • I would try to avoid a sociopath girlfriend for the fear she'd push me off a train platform if she was pissed at me

  • Empathy is a spectrum. Just because you don't cry for every dead person and thing you come across doesn't necessarily make you a full blown sociopath.

    • there's no perfect definition of a sociopath or "full blown" sociopath because it varies so far. Caertain triggers that don't occur until adult hood changes a sociopath. from a junkie that kills to steal money to get high, to the president of the united states. Both started out similar, then this trigger happen, this happen and this happened.

  • I didn't think anyone was diagnosed as a sociopath. Doctors use the term antisocial personality disorder. Regardless, I think there are many people that can't feel empathy. Most people that commit crimes repeatedly would be a psychopath or sociopath. How could they do it over and over if they had empathy for their victims? They couldn't.

    There are a lot out there with this disorder. Most in politics, most top management, many lawyers, it's rampant. I think of it as the disease of the lower nature. In a way, it is normal. An animal wouldn't feel empathy after killing either its prey either.

    • Drug dependence is an exception. their addiction can over right any empathy and scents of what is right when the Monkey takes control

  • you are a sociopath. not a very perfect one. meet me , my biological psychopath.

    • wanna manupilate eachother to see whose better? all sociopaths should come here, and have a psychological free-for-all fight.

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    • @Chaoseverywhere thats such a clich e, do you know you walk across 7 psychopatsh in a day.

    • @red07net Why do you make me suddenly feel like I don't wanna go outside anymore.

  • As long as you can not mention that you're a sociopath and you can control yourself, I think you're okay

    • being a sociopath has nothing to do with being out of control They are not insane and in need of medications. You would probably never know one of you ran into one...

    • @Philyouup Trust me, I've delt with one multiple years

  • the sad thing with mental health is that people dont really understand it.
    Depression is feeling sad, yet is so much more.

    In your condition, people learn from TV what it is, and you are usually portrayed as a dangerous or uncaring person. Lack of empathy is not a lack of emotion, like you said, its hard to associate a feeling to another person's predicament or state of mind. Butterflies aside, you are not incapable of love, but you are not attuned to how other feel so you can't reciprocate. How can you sing the words of a song you never heard?

    I wish you well and glad you have a perspective that seems to in touch with reality.

    Oh, and there are a lot of folks out there that don't know the difference between a sociopath and psychopath. So you have that crap.. So you are right not to share that intimate information.

  • so is lack of empathy and lack of attentiveness the only traits of being a sociopath?

    • addictive personality, if genetic usually very successful/smart, if create through life trauma, very fucking stupid but think they're smart (ends up in jail alot). Both types of them do dumbass shit, for no reason other than thrills/money. Just one is usually, but not always a dumber. Both type can be blinded by god complex and make dumb compulsive decisions.
      It's a very wide spectrum, not all sociopath are the same. You can be in and out jail type, or president of the most powerful country in the world :)

  • According to your description, I might be an undiagnosed sociopath.

  • Hmmmm I might be one.

  • Totally, because darkness surrounds us and stuff.

    • that's called boredom to sociopath lol, go on a drug-fueled rampage and manipulate everyone around you into dumb funny dumb shit. go chase bitches, have threeways, dump them all, tell them they're so dumb, then go run for president.

  • Would you cry if I died?

  • I have little empathy too

  • Do you have a desire to feel empathy?

    • Do you desire an emotion you just don't get/can't really feel? Like sometimes you'd see a bunch of girls cry... do you wish you can cry with them? not really right? because you don't get why they're crying. lol, It's like that. Get dump in harsh ways until you become emotionally unavailable or take certain drugs that imitate temporary sociopathy. It's like that but all the time and forever

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  • My best friend is also a sociopath and we hate the stigma around it all thanks to films, it's different for everyone my friend definitely has some feels, she loves her boyfriend to pieces.

    She only has a close bound with me and her boyfriend, she hates her parents because they emotionally abused her and stole money from her. I was wondering if it's rare or genuine for a sociopath to have a close bound with people.

    • Feelings*

    • no she really doesn't... don't be confused. I love this girl to pieces, feel like i'd die for her. Then some other girl comes over and i cheat on her. If her parents stole her money, their prob traumatised/dead by now. Yes i do have a close bond with 1 person. But from your pov it would look heartlessly cold. eg. that person was in the hospital for 10 days, was in critical condition (my fault), but i stay home and binge drugs, bang some dumb sluts instead, cbf visiting. planned to but had better things to do

    • a lot of other disorders are similar to a sociopath, only sociopaths can spot other sociopaths. If the sociopath is incredibly high functional, he/she'd be able to out-manipulate any psychiatrist/do it for lulz/scores drugs/see if they can do it. Fake any symptom, pretend to be autistic even. I'm diagnosed with araephobia/severe anxiety/bipolar etc. I go there to see if they can spot me, they can't, i lulz, i act like i have those disorders and they believe me lol. I bet if i told them i was a sociopath they'd be no, i have to put you on suicide watch. etc or embarrassed themselves.

      Unless the psychiatrist is a sociopath themselves. sociopaths are natural manipulators, you can't learn true manipulation through studying lol. Noone can ever manupilate a sociopath, unless it is a stronger type of sociopath. but that's so rare you'd prob never see it happen in

  • Yeah I have psychosis and I don't really tell anyone anymore, so when I do they think I'm joking and its annoying.

    • we're natural attractions. google bipolar-sociopath relationships (if you have bipolar, i assume it was bipolar psychosis). Yeah it usually doesn't end well, but that refers to the "common" sociopath. I snap my bipolar friend out of suicide so many times. If you ever feel need to talk i'm here.

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    • funny how i can fake it, but when you have it people call you out as joking.

      sorry to hear that. If it makes you better there's a few VIOLENT/NON VIOLENT psychopath/sociopaths here. We are strangely very protective of bipolar people. Like we just click. talk to whichever one you need... if you want to talk/or go on killing spreees to snap you out of your episodes.

      last one was a joke...

    • @Chaoseverywhere ok xD and yes I'm bipolar as well, all of this runs in my family sadly, and I'm best friends with someone who is bipolar even though we are almost complete opposites so I get what you're saying

  • Very interesting. Do you feel like you're missing out on something?

    • i don't know why people envy us. lol. I guess we look cool, but anyone we come who comes too close to us sociopaths ends up getting hurt/depression.

      We're just like wtf. I wish i know what love and hapiness heck even sadness feels like.

    • Why did I get downvoted?

    • @Pamina Prob cos u called sociopaths interesting :)

  • Did you suffer from the same self esteem issues growing up as everyone else?
    i think girls have it especially rough since they care so much how others feel about them.
    Just because you say you have never felt love, it is something you idolize, the way many other women your age do? or do you see it only in a logical and systematic exchange of affection?
    how would you describe your emotional variability? just because you feel things more muted, doesn't mean that your mood stays baseline at contentment.
    have you considered being in a relationship with someone who also is a sociopath (doesn't feel empathy). because i'm thinking that any person that you date who does feel empathy will eventually expect it back (the dark side of empathy), and the end of the relationship will cause an unfair amount of pain to that person, because they loved and you did not.

    • self esteem issues growing up? yes
      She feels down yes, and idolize love. (she might not be able to cope yet, it look me a week to cope but i was 27 when i found out and everything just clicks)
      From a guys sociopath pov: i gave that girl so much money, spoil her, i cheat on her because she doesn't get me, but if she wrongs me she's fked.
      emotions: boring unless chasing thrills/causing chaos.
      sociopath+sociopath = EXTREME WEIRD attraction (not love) WITHOUT EVEN TALKING but tons of destruction, whoever is the "stronger" type wins, then go wow i'm a fkn god/goddess.
      and then blame the "weaker" sociopath for being "low functioning". But if he's not dead, he's going after you. Might hurt you because your reckless sometimes, so you go after him. Endless cycle of mayhem madness sex drugs money for the rest of your life. So if you're going date one, make sure he dies ok lol

      (no experience, but i would fucking run if i face a female version of myself)

      little to no empty: cheated on all my gfs

  • I mean it sounds like you didn't like him that much to begin with so that's pretty normal actually...

  • i think "butterflies" are a western concept and only some people say they have that. i don't think it's common.

  • i get that

  • Well that sucks

  • When did you get diagnosed and how did it happen?

    • this is how it works normally

      childtrauma usually neglect sometimes multiple dramas/or genetics<8
      around 15-17 they snap - do fucked up crazy shit out of nowhere
      20-28 during this period, they develop their social skills in the real world (sociopathy is an anti-social disorder)
      Also during that time, one thing lead to another and they snap, going into darkness or going to the sky. Sometimes they snap early @18

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    • @Chaoseverywhere I see. Thanks! I was wondering if she got diagnosed as a child and the diagnose shaped her like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    • @bubble_tea just realized something. all the "sociopaths" or claim to be other than "me" went anon? lol the day i found out, it felt like things just click together. didn't feel bad?

  • My boyfriend told me he was a psychopath (but after being with him for 7 months I find that hard to believe cause I’ve seen him feel several emotions like he was human).

    Anyways I did my research ( before jumping to conclusions or following my instincts to fucking run which maybe I still shouldn’t be messing with potential fire but like I said I have my doubt and I had talked to someone who was diagnosed with it and they said that doesn’t sound like a psychopath at all ).

    To be honest , you can’t really blame people for asking these dumb questions 😂 we’re all curious about what we don’t know much about. I’ve looked several up on the internet.

    Welll... yeah that’s my story
    My questions is how did you find out?

    • Sociopath here, dont care if you believe me or not.

      have many people have you destroy intentionally/unintentionally?

      what do you think would happen if 2 true sociopaths date?
      would it cool because we understand eachother (only see logic)
      Or endless confusing destruction. (due to us cheating on each other/try to manipulate each other/constant lies (but then the other would know), endless struggle for power and vengence. I honestly don't know any.

      See come narcacist bitch try to be sociopath, destroyed her life in 2min sending her a "harmless" text message.

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    • whoops sorry thought you were talking about the girl in the at the top page? she refers to the psychiatrist.

    • by the way you have no idea what you're capable of yet...
      until one day something clicls. Things snap. life makes sense.
      Then you accept yourself. i dunno why you'd go to a psychiatrist.
      when i was in my teens was like all those edgey teenagers, i only went to see a coucilllor (psychologist) a few times... i went there pretend i had smoking addiction @15, to skip class sometimes. lol

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