TW: Should plus-sized women really wear bikinis?


TW = Trigger Warning if you're easily offended or if you're one of the "plus-sized" women I talk about in this Take.

I don’t know since when this even began, but bikinis were not initially meant to be part of a plus-sized woman's wardrobe. It was meant to show off a woman's body; to show her beauty and looks. It was not for delusional women who believe in the entire "body positivity" bullshit.

I know this makes me come off as sexist or misogynistic, but men don't have this kind of luxury either. Since when can men wear whatever they want without being judged? We are limited to a specific kind of clothing, and we accept it. Meanwhile, these women think they look good in this:

Really? Seriously? WHY!?
Really? Seriously? WHY!?

Look, I understand that some people are overweight, fat, obese, whatever. And you make your own choices in life to become like that... But to wear a bikini, thinking that you'll look good in it? That is downright delusional. What an awful, disgusting view, don't you think? If you want to fit into a bikini so desperately, then lose the weight and do everyone a favor.

As a way to compare, look at this next woman:

A lovely, appealing view compared to the last one, dont you think?
A lovely, appealing view compared to the last one, don't you think?

Why do you think this second woman wears a bikini? Because she knows she looks gorgeous in it. Meanwhile, the first one only wants to be like the second woman, acting like a bikini will change her entire appearance.

Bikinis are not meant for plus-sized women. I'm sorry. But that's like ignoring your obvious problem (your weight and lack of self-care) and compensating with purchasing a bikini. It's ironic and is essentially a contradiction. This incident is similar to women wanting to be part of the Boy Scouts. None of this makes any kind of sense!

TW: Should plus-sized women really wear bikinis?
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  • andreasderjuengere
    Isn't it just swimwear?
    Surely, I also don't enjoy whale watching...
    but I can always look away :)
    In some way the obese have a positive effect: they make the well-shaped people stand out.
    Is this still revelant?
    • "Whale watching" LOL

    • Oops: I see at least 4 ladies feeling pissed for being on the wrong side of the weight scale :D

    • Aww, is someone angry that women don't care about their opinion? Have fun with your childish misogyny babe.

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  • Anonymous
    Overweight women should not wear bikinis. The people that make bikinis should not make them in sizes that fit overweight women!
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    • G5TWA1


    • Anonymous

      @G5TWA1 It is really aesthetically unpleasant and glorifies poor health.

    • G5TWA1

      yeah well fat people are already aesthetically unpleasant so it's not a big change for them doesn't mean they can't wear what they want, and I don't think that those bikinis are a problem because whoever makes them just wants to make money, there are people who are overweight because of health problems, not choices and should be deprived of wearing bikinis just because you don't wanna look at fatties, and what really glorifies poor health is when you go to the supermarket and 90% of the stuff there is designed to make you addicted and fat, maybe solving that would be a better solution than undermining people's freedom to do what they want with their bodies

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  • meetkitty123
    The first picture is real and you are comparing it to a fake photoshopped picture. It was edited to perfection.
    The first picture isn't ugly.
    She is feminine and is in her own right to wear what she wants.
    As for the comments on men compared to women... Well
    Excuse me isn't it true that the men's bathing suit fashion has not required them to wear a top since about 1930's?TW: Should plus-sized women really wear bikinis?For almost 100yrs men flocked beaches lakes and pools (or backyards & streets) shirtless. It didn't matter what shape they were and no one can really say anything about a man because he was a man and men were expect to go topless.

    Men about 100yrs ago
    1940s what a joy to be a man
    1940s what a joy to be a man
    Wonderful to be a man in the 1940s
    Wonderful to be a man in the 1940s
    TODAYS MENTW: Should plus-sized women really wear bikinis?TW: Should plus-sized women really wear bikinis?Hmm either shape of these men are acceptable in public.

    So it's safe to say ANYONE with your opinion who says what bathing suit a woman can wear Or can't depends on her body shape is plain out

    SEXISTIF what people wear to a beach or in public offends your sensibilities
  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    "I know this makes me come off as sexist or misogynistic, but men don't have this kind of luxury either. Since when can men wear whatever they want without being judged? We are limited to a specific kind of clothing, and we accept it" ...
    Really? This is men limiting and accepting a specific kind of clothing according to their body type?TW: Should plus-sized women really wear bikinis?TW: Should plus-sized women really wear bikinis?When women would prefer to see:TW: Should plus-sized women really wear bikinis?You say men get shamed for what they wear, but I'm seeing way more men trying to shame women. Just quit fat shaming people period... But if you gonna fat shame then shouldn't you shame all? If you're saying cover the fat then say it for all... Otherwise you just come off sexist as well...
    How bout just worry about your body and what you wear and let others do the same... What are you the gain police? 🤣
    • "fashion police

    • Gibbby

      preach! HAHAH

    • @Gibbby I'm always curious these guys saying women should have perfect bodies,,, do they? 🤔 I personally wouldn't wear a bikini if I was that size, but I'm not gonna judge others that do... Think we facing bigger issues in this country right now then what beach wear people wearing

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  • Whatthefluff
    The second picture is photoshopped, the appearance manipulated further with makeup, and professional photographer tactics are in place. Sure, it is a traditionally aesthetically appealing picture, but at the cost of being anywhere near realistic.
    The first picture is authentic to what you'd see in the real world. The second picture is not, and it's time to accept that most, if not all, women in bikinis are not going to look anything like that.
    • Twalli

      They don't have to, but they can look good.

    • @Whatthefluff Or maybe you're jealous of the second girl?

    • nettle

      The second photo made me laugh 😆

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  • c0stell0
    Interesting take? But if I felt you were too ugly to look at, and for arguments sake, lets say a decent amount of people feel the same way... are you then suppose to go around with a bag on your head? If you are under the assumption that the world exists for you, and beauty is defined only by your standards, and women are to judged by your criteria alone and those who don't fit should be ashamed and need to be covered... jeez kid, i dont want to shock you not everything is about you. If you aren't feeding, financing, or fucking that particular person then you literally have NO say in what they choose to wear or not wear. Contrary to popular belief, women don't wear bikinis to gather your opinions on how they look in them. Its ok for you to not like what you see. THATS TOTALLY OKAY!! but whats not ok is too assume people need to change for you. or that you need to vocally express to a person (or a group/type of person) that you think they are disgusting... thats just going out of your way to try to make someone feel bad... which is a huge dick move.
    • anon1903

      Thank you.

    • Preaching to the choir here 👯‍♀️🎉 great answer

    • Sparda20xx

      Well said. I feel that he should post a pic of himself. If you're going to be that much of douche bag you better be in shape.

  • Little_Princesa
    Maybe when passing by women in the beach, stop staring at the bigger ones and overthinking about their intention. Yea, stop judging women. How can guys with a big belly go around shirtless and not get judged?
    • Twalli

      They do

    • Guys do not care as much about their looks, but women do. Women do that to attract the opposite sex. It's biology, if you don’t like it then I guess become lesbian or transgender

  • JaneDoe377
    I see dudes with huge bellies walking around shirtless in the hot weather, wearing speedos at the beach. And if you don't like something try just not looking at the person. I don't get why anyone cares what another person is wearing. Unless they have absolutely nothing better to do with their brain, which is apparently the case.
  • Via_8662
    I feel like the biggest misconception with what you wrote is that you're assuming females always wear bikinis because they think they make them more attractive. I personally wear one because I prefer it to a one piece or shorts. I don't wear it to look more attractive or to get more attention from men. Let's be honest most females are acutely aware of their weight, but it doesn't bother everyone. Some people just don't care that a bikini isn't flattering and wear it because they like it.
    • That I don't get because basically every woman cares how others perceive them by their looks, or what they wear. That is why hot girls wear barely there bikini's. When I was 190 pounds I would have been too embarrassed to wear a bikini and always went with one piece suits. The only time I would wear a bikini was in the poison control center. My looks in a bikini, like 10 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound bag, would induce vomiting.

    • Via_8662

      I do agree that there are a lot of women who care greatly about how their bodies look. Most people that I've been around though who are quite overweight and still wore a bikini just didn't care. That being said, I was raised in an area where there are a lot of people who are overweight so this wasn't an uncommon occurrence there. The post was written from the perspective that the only reason a women would wear a bikini is to get male attention. Im trying to point out that that is not necessarily the only reason. Bikinis are typically cuter and who doesn't hate trying to go to the restroom wearing a one piece. For me personally I think a one piece actually looks worse on my body. You could use your same argument with yoga pants. Women with great butts are going to wear them to show that off, but people who aren't toned will still wear them simply because they're comfortable regardless of how they fit.

  • xxxxxxxlllllllxxxxxx
    yes, they definitely should wear bikinis if they want to!! its their choice and no one has the right to tell them what to do with their body. if it bothers u, look away. everyone should wear whatever they want, its not gonna harm anyone
  • citygirlxox
    I dont think it should matter what anyone wants to wear. Its their body and their life. And being beautiful doesn't consist on being thin. Look at Ashley Graham, she's considered plus size and obese according to her waist size. She looks amazing and I would add as long as you feel comfortable and confident in what your wearing than that's a good sign.
    • Being beautiful absolutely is affected by your weight.

    • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If your not attracted to someone thats okay but if they want to wear a bikini that's okay too. It shouldn't matter

  • bakingperfectionist
    What a narcissistic person you are. Imagine thinking people exist for your viewing pleasure only; wow couldn't imagine that sick mindset. I dont care about any shape or size of person in a swimsuits, man or woman. I am glad they are having a nice day on the beach and enjoying themselves. Also that second photo is photoshopped to the high heavens xD just another day of ridiculous things said by very shallow narcissistic men.
  • Estellaaa
    Go to hell, I’m not plus sized but this is highly offensive to me. If they want to wear a bikini they should. That’s why we all have a freedom of choice to do what ever the hell we want to do. Your just weird and creep for thinking that
  • JustinTheGreat
    People are allowed to wear whatever they want. If someone is confident in their body and feel good wearing a bikini, then who are you to tell them they can’t wear it? For all you know, a plus sized woman could of already lost 20 lbs and is feeling more confident in her skin then ever.
    If you have an issue, then simply don’t look
    Or where are the comments about plus sized men? You’re okay with looking at shirtless fat men but not the women?
    • Alright, simp

    • Sir I’m a gay married male, ain’t nobody’s a simp. But way to automatically resort to name calling instead of defending your opinion with good points lol

  • MysteriousDarkness
    I say let them since they are not harming others by wearing a bikini.TW: Should plus-sized women really wear bikinis?TW: Should plus-sized women really wear bikinis?
  • WhenInDoubt
    What a woman wears, no matter her size, is her own choice and her own business. If you don't like it, look away as you would with anything else that offends you. Look at it this way--she's wearing a swimsuit because she's swimming, which is great excercise! If you genuinely believe that overweight people should lose weight before wearing bikinis, how exactly do you suppose they do it? By excercising! And for the record, making plus-sized women hate themselves will not make them lose weight faster. You don't have the right to tell someone else how to look or feel. In fact, most plus-sized women are fully aware of what people think about it and are trying to lose weight. Don't make them feel worse about themselves. The woman in the first picture is covering the exact same area as the woman in the second picture, so it's not indecent.

    If you honestly think that women having self-esteem regardless of their size is delusional, then you're the delusional one. What part of "don't judge a book by its cover" do you not understand? Just because someone is overweight/obese doesn't mean that they aren't allowed to feel good about themselves.

    Also, you contradicted yourself twice in your post, which proves your opinion is illegitimate. 1. You referred to body positivity as "bullshit" in the first paragraph, then in the last paragraph you said that "lack of self-care" is part of the problem leading to being overweight/obese. For the record, having good self-esteem and feeling good about yourself/your looks is SUPER important for self-care, and is also made worse by people like you judging her for something as simple as her clothing choices. 2. In the second paragraph, you said that plus-sized women wear bikinis because "they think they look good in [them]", yet in the fourth paragraph you said that they wear them because they "only [want] to be like" skinny people. This shows that you don't even understand the reasons for the argument you're trying to put forward because it's an illegitimate argument.

    So, in short: Should Plus-Sized Women Wear Bikinis? You're not a plus-sized woman (I don't know or care about your weight but you're labelled as a guy on this site, that's how I know that), so it's none of your business and not your decision to make.
  • Shuri
    Anyone can wear a bikini. If you don't like it, then don't look. Problem solved lol. The second woman looks likes she may not eat enough. Personally, I don't find either picture attractive/desirable. But I'm not so up my own ass that I think I can tell someone what they should and shouldn't wear. It's none of my business.
  • Sbgirl
    I get what you're saying in that they don't look good or it isn't particularly flattering.

    However, bikinis are generally more just swim/beach wear, not for necessarily parading around in. A one-piece, while it covers the belly, isn't going to look miles better. People strip down at the beach regardless. If I see an overweight woman in a bikini, would I think it looked pleasant? No, not really but in the same way I would seeing an overweight man in trunks. Would I demand all men, unless they are thin with toned abs, where t-shirts with their trunks? Absolutely not. They aren't there for me to admire and I can look way if it really bothered me that much.

    And that is my point here. All women don't exist to be aesthetically pleasing to you 24/7. You don't like the look? Fine, look away. Want to check out a hot girl in a bikini? Also fine and as you will. But don't dictate what women should wear when they don't actually go to the beach for your amusement anyway.

    Should one of us girls make a MyTake stating how all overweight men should keep their stomachs covered at the beach because trunks and speedos were meant for fit and toned men? Somehow don't think y'all would be so for that.
    by the way I'm not overweight and getting triggered and offended. My body type is more like the second girl, but I don't believe bikinis are only meant for parading our bodies around. I know that's not why I wear one.
    • Sparda20xx

      You should absolutely make one. I'm sure the person who made this post doesn't have six pack abs. It's so sad thaten can be fat as fuck yet have the audacity to talk about women weight

    • Sparda20xx

      *it's so sad that men

  • sabesauce
    Firstly, you kept pointing out that "if you want to fit into a bikini so desperately, then lose the weight and do everyone a favor." That's really not practical. Some people are overweight due to medical reasons, medicines they take, or hereditary reasons. Even if this isn't the case, it takes a lot more than "eating a few apples" to lose, potentially, 100s of pounds to fit that unrealistic picture. Second, as others have pointed out, overweight men wear no shirt to the beach and you dont seem to have any problem with it. Whys that? Third, why are you shaming body positivity? Women, in general (not just overweight), have trouble with appreciating their bodies (due to people like you). And not everyone wants to wear a bikini. I certainly never have. Some people that fit your outrageous criteria may feel better in a onepiece suit, so let them wear that. Some bigger people may prefer a two piece, let them. And last, what about pregnant women? Are you going to get pissy about them wearing a two piece, because, technically, their "fat" too. But I've never seen a one piece for pregnant women (maybe there is?) So they wear two pieces. I dont know anyone that has a problem with that. Maybe they dont have a problem with it because "it wasn't their choice to get fat" well it was, probably. Now if you go with that same mindset, "it wasn't their choice to get fat" then your probably more correct when talking about obese women then pregnant women.
  • errorgoodnameunfound
    Should plus sized men really ever go shirtless?

    Not to be sexist, but bigger men are not meant to go shirtless. It just simply isn't meant for them.
    • *I should add to that mirroring/satire that both men and women should wear whatever the fuck they want according to the environment at hand, and not due to whether it hurts your feelings. :)

    • You a simp right? Do you let her fuck another man in front of you?

    • OK by your logic again: How DARE you disagree with me! I must insult you now in a way that has nothing to do with it, you bad terrible, fuckwad of a man! :)

  • G5TWA1
    bitch they can choose whatever fucking clothes they want, I agree they don't look good on them but I don't give a fuck, I just ignore them just like I ignore all the fat disgusting guys showing their man tits at the beach
    • White knight alert

    • G5TWA1

      not a white knight cause for me this is not about women it's about freedom and trying to control other people's behaviour

  • Mystic_Nova
    If fat saggy men can wear no tops to the beach and such, there should be no problem with heavy women wearing bikinis🤷‍♀️

    You dont like it? Then do what moat people do when they see shirtless heavyset and unattractive men out in public...
    • And look away or in another direction.

    • Sparda20xx

      @Mystic_Nova. I completely agree. I've seen men who look like they're 12 months pregnant and yet no one says anything about them.

  • NatashaJ
    Or I don't know don't look at the plus-size woman when she in a biniki? she not breaking any laws. If women have to look at gross ass pot belly and nasty nipples when men go shirtless. Then men can handle belly fat on a woman.
  • AshViper
    *Yawn*. Don't like it well... you could always be a man, grow a pair of balls & look away instead of whining like a little slapped-around whore.

    I'm not fat. But this question does amuse me. What of obese men wearing speedos & other too tight swimwear? You think such individuals are not whales.
    • Because that wasn't the question. Please, make a question asking if obese men wearing speedos is disgusting and I'm certain you'll get the same answers you're looking for - that women are receiving here.

      In other words - it's not attractive. You're angry because it's directed at women while ignoring the hypocrisy in your reply regarding men.

  • Trisha3103
    Not everyone wants to achieve that "surgically enhanced" look. The girl in the second pic clearly has had liposuction and a boob job for sure from what is clearly visible. Let people wear what they want, let them flaunt their natural bodies, let them be comfortable. Who are we to say? Appearance is temporary.
  • wankiam
    they can wear what they like... you dont have to find it attractive.
    • How many simps are there on g@g? It's crazy

    • wankiam

      @guywithissues900 quite a few but not as many simps as stupid little boys who rely on buzzwords to try to make themselves look like the big man... incidentally my coment is based on the fact i believe no one in this world should be made to feel they have to conform but you probably can't understand that as you clearly joined the incel club yourself...

    • mindNsoul

      @wankiam couldn't say it better myself

  • Gibbby
    haha i'd like to see you forty years down the road still looking like a fit 20 yr old, w/o a belly or dad bod
    • Twalli

      Do enough exercise and it's easy. We had a 45 year old in my martial arts class throwing people half his age and 50% plus his weight. Granted he also does Judo, but we all need to be brown belt level in Judo to graduate.

    • This is not about me, it's about girls/women

    • Gibbby

      Why though, if you want to make a gatekeeper statement please make sure you actually fit the standard yourself first. What do you know about that person in the first place? She could have just given birth to quadruplets and it's her first time at the beach in months. Plus do you not think that a woman is VERY aware of her size. It takes guts to even wear swimsuits, let alone be criticized by people like you and by the way the model you see now, will not be the same either in 20 years, does that mean she should also stop wearing swimsuits later on in life because she no longer has the body she used to?

  • Amal-ove
    You don't like it, look away.
    And girls wear bikibis not only to catch you attention.
    • Twalli

      Why else?

    • Amal-ove

      @Twalli to tan for starters

    • Twalli

      There are other ways, especially if miat people aren't going to see those places otherwise. I am pretty tan bit have lines where my socks are, where my short covers, and where my shorts are. All of it came naturally because I went outside in normal clothes. If most people see her in fewer clothes than what a one piece sould cover, if not, then there's no need.

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  • sejla
    As far as I know swimsuits are just supposed to cover the girly parts so people can wear what they want to.
  • Thatsamazing
    Stop saying "I'm sorry." There's nothing to be sorry about for having brain cells.

    Except whoops, apparently "This incident is similar to women wanting to be part of the Boy Scouts," you don't. My mistake. These two things are in no way related. At all. Anyway, no, gross fatties shouldn't be wearing bikinis. If they want to, they're allowed to, obviously, just like anyone with eyes is allowed to be grossed out. Lose weight and then come back.
    • G5TWA1

      "shouldn't be wearing bikinis." why?

    • @G5TWA1 It's unhealthy, it's unattractive and glorifies obesity

    • G5TWA1

      @guywithissues900 it would glorify obesity if someone said they look great in it, but simply wearing a bikini while being fat isn't glorifying anything, just like if I killed myself I wouldn't be glorifying suicide, but if someone said I was really brave and an inspiration then that guy would be glorifying suicide

  • MusicJunkie89
    Firstly, as a graphic designer, the second one is heavily photoshopped.

    Secondly, it’s very ironic that you cite your own insecurities as a man being limited as to what you can wear and how you are perceived based in your appearance whole simultaneously judging a woman for doing something that is the antithesis of that.

    Case in point. Women don’t wear bikinis for men, or most of us don’t. We do it because we enjoy it. If you don’t like it, don’t look.
    When I see a man who is unfashionable ( and therefore not attractive) I just go, “ huh” and look awwwwaaaaayyyyyyyyyy

    I advise you to do the same.
    • Another of the most retarded arguments on the internet "Women don’t wear bikinis for men, or most of us don’t" whats next? The sky is green? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    • @bamesjond0069 are you actually mentally challenged? Women wear bikinis on the beach... because that's what you wear to the beach.. in order to swim and get an even tan... its literally what they're designed for. Do men really think the entire world revolves around them? it's getting ridiculous now.

    • @bakingperfectionist lmao girls wear bikinis to tan even. Bullshit. Tell that to all the drunk ass bikini girls who are sunburnt. They did it for the tan. Smh.

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  • Walrus_au
    a thought for you. it doesn't occur to you that a person wearing a bikini is not doing so for your benefit or asthetic pleasure right?
  • A mature person looks at depressed people with compassion and not ridicule
  • Do those plus-sized women in bikini try to flirt with you? Do they chase you, asking you to hookup with them?
    If not, you can just ignore.
  • Matthew2222
    Of course they should! And to claim otherwise is hateful and bigoted, this is not a matter that is up for discussion, it is a matter of treating everyone equally without discrimination on the basis of appearance.
  • bella07
    why 😃 the 😃 actual 😃 fawk 😃 is this a question, if you wanna tell us to not wear bikinis based on our size... Then we can tell you, we dont wanna see your fawking shrimp d*ck in grey sweatpants. Only guys with big p*nis can wear grey sweatpants. Also why do fat men get to go to the pool shirtless and nobody cares? Fat women are ten times more flattering in bathing suits than fat men but they get more hate for it?
    • talulahbee


    • The more important question is why a 13 year old on this website with a profile picture blowing vape? Where are your parents, sweetie?

    • It's saddening that a thirteen year old thinks this is an appropriate way to talk.

      To clarify - Who are you to decide who is more flattering in swimwear? Yelling and swearing at the person asking the question is not the way to an effective dialogue and you'd do well to learn that sooner rather than later.

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  • SydneyGirl84
    These types of women know they are fat. They are normally not “delusional” or think the bikini changes their appearance. Maybe she wears it because it’s comfortable or she wants to get a tan? Who knows what her reasons are? Maybe she doesn’t care what others think. What else can she do really? I mean she’s at the beach, no matter what she wears she will look fat. I don’t understand what the problem is she’s not hurting anyone.
  • talulahbee
    I'm a thin girl and I love seeing my bigger friends in bikinis. I think I feel more insecure then they do but they ROCK it. Everyone has flaws, if cellulite is the worst thing then fuck they are doing great. Power to them. I wish I had there confidence!!
    • talulahbee

      Yr mistake is also thinking people do it thinking they look great. I guarantee many know they don't look like models or desirable. They do it to feel free and part of society and valuable and like it doesn't matter... I couldn't agree more!

    • Same I feel more insecure and they are just cruising with it

  • Dansnlawlipop
    I couldn't imagine being so self absorbed that I care what someone who is not paying my bills is wearing.

    Let her be chonki and sexy in her way. Let us be sexy in our way.
  • gaygod_19
    ok but did women ask for your opinion? Mind your business lol not everything is about you.
  • lightbulb27
    Yes because I suspect some men are ok with plus sized women and not all plus sized woman have that form... they are just larger frame. Sometimes it works. In your specific photo, probably should not. But they should put on something and run a few miles every day until they lose the extra 30% blubber.

    Same as guys.
  • Dongtai
    All I have to say about this is you better be able to practice what you’re preaching. It always boggles my mind when extremely skinny or obese dudes trash talk women who don’t meet their standards. You don’t have to like the sight of it but to say they shouldn’t is another thing. I’m positive these women aren’t begging you to date them if you’re openly expressing your thoughts. Focus on you and you won’t even notice them
  • jshm2
    Don't really see why you're raging over a non-issue.

    If fashion/clothes manufacturers are making the size, you can wear it. It doesn't really matter what people like you think about it.

    Bikinis are for whoever can fit into them. Men, women, trans, pet dogs...
  • FoxnEagle
    No one should be wearing bikinis; it's the same as a bra and underwear, sometimes even less.

    Most people don't want to see men walking around in their boxers/briefs and the only time something equivalent is acceptable is in sports (biking shorts, speedos, etc.)
    • G5TWA1

      yeah but guys do it at the beach so it's the same thing

  • Dargil
    #2 truly is lovely.
    The first shouldTW: Should plus-sized women really wear bikinis? spare us the agony and just do this.
  • Drumlin2001
    Is that second picture even real? Is it not photoshopped some? She's looking rather thin.

    How do propose policing this? You gunna have police on the beach with scales and a BMI calculator? Do you let overweight guys wear speedo's or ban them too?
  • BlueScorpio
    "but men don't have this kind of luxury either."

    ugh, actually you do. I'm not seeing men who look like the lady in the first picture stop coming to beach without a shirt on, nor do other men, such as yourself, point out that obese men should "keep a shirt on if they don't have the body for it". They got their gut and titties hanging out to right next to the women so.. we might as as well extend that to men as well who don't fit into the perfect body standard/image. In that case, 60 to maybe 70% of people wouldn't be able to go to the beach with your logic. TW: Should plus-sized women really wear bikinis?TW: Should plus-sized women really wear bikinis?
  • Mishan97
    Bikinis aren’t meant to show off your body. It’s primary purpose is to be clothing specifically for swimming. Of course some people where bikinis with the intent to show off how they look. But ur assuming everyone has the same standard of beauty as you. Most people prefer the second pic but there’s plenty of men that have fetishes for overweight women and would find the first pic hot. So really it just depends. Also, how does it affect ur life in any way? If you don’t like how someone looks in a bikini just look away.
  • t-8900
    y'all do what you want. I'm not at the beach to look at shit. It's just a bonus if I do. I'm there for the purposes of R&R and meditation. fact of the matter is skin exposure with sun block on is very healthy, good for the cells and your bones. Let it all hang out if you want, dont if you dont want to. aren't fat people beaten down enough on a daily basis?
  • guynextodoor
    Fat people should not be judged based on their attires.
    It's just that their bodies and lifestyle should not be encouraged or glorified. Doesn't mean they should be refrained from certain stuff because of beauty standards. let them wear that 2 straps of colorful bandage.
  • TruthBringer
    Even though I am pro fat-shaming (to an extent). I believe that they should be free to wear a bikini if they like. I simply look away from them and not pay attention to them. It doesn't even cost me much effort since my eyes automatically get attracted to slim fit women, including my own girl.
  • Zealashton
    got to be sjw, fagots, and pc and blm nazis. watch out they attacked uzaki chan. and anime community wants to kill them,
    we need more fat shaming, more slim fit wemon, healthy, not chuby, why cus slim fit weomn , and lean riped men, on media are the roll moddles. not being slim and being fat is nothing more then disgusting, who the fuck wants too to a fat fuck like that,
    i would kill my self if i whighted at 500LB