Girls are you dating shy guys only because you have no options? Why don't you let shy guys go extinct?

No i am not here to gain anyone's sympathy. But my request to every girls is that don't befriend shy guys if you are just not interested in him.
Why don't you girls just let shy guys die peacefully and let such males go extinct?
You girls must realise that we aren't like confident guys who will just move on easily. Shy guys are sensitive when it comes to women but it feels like girls are dating such guys Only because they have no option but to be with them.
The day confident guy approaches, women cheat such innocent guys so badly. They have sex with other guy secretly and plots plan to go away from him.
They date with guys like they are interested in him and when the guy slowly and slowly develops feeling or gets attached to her, she rejects him saying" hey i always liked you as a friend" and she moves with another guy leaving him alone in the name of friendship.
That heart broken innocent shy guy is left alone at helpless situation where he simply cannot move on like jerks do. Shy guys have high libido for sex but because of their innocent nature they never display.
Sorry all the good qualities cannot be present in a male at one and a same time.
You girls could do a favor of simply ignoring shy men and only allow confident guys in your life and take his genes to next generation. This will benefit future gen and in next 500-1000 years girls will hardly have to face shy men.
No need to use shy guys for your satisfaction of having a guy in your life or to make your ex boyfriend jealous.
If you find guys like us boring.. Then simply avoid us. Or keep friendship in such a way that he simply cannot come closer to you. Because if you are gonna bring him closer, he may fall in love. So simply do not try to become bestie with shy guys. Shy guys will hardly use you women for sex or stay like friends with benifits with you.
I have seen many examples like that and hence i have written with observation. I may not be 100% correct on this.
Thank you.
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Look my perspective is completely biological. Better one must survive. Friendship between any human is never unintentional. For every cause there is a reason. I have not posted anything because i had bad experience or something.
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And my advice to shy guys is change YOURSELF and BECOME DOMINANT. Never be submissive in front of women. NEVER. Be a man. Shy guys just need exposure and experience and tgen they can escape from such pathetic situation and change their life..
Girls are you dating shy guys only because you have no options? Why don't you let shy guys go extinct?
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