He has a girlfriend, why is he jealous & what should I do about it?

Rwragh, he is such a bloody hypocrite!

I've been in a very suckish situation for a while now... I have a guy with a girlfriend after me.. it's so hard to resist him as he is my definition of 'Mr Right'. Its not evolved into anything serious, in fact barely nothing at all. just lots of cuddles and a drunken kiss But I mean in the past week alone I've had him:

- Calling me up (I saw I had 4 missed calls before I picked up as my phone had been on silent) at 2am after a party we'd both been at cos he fancied a chat and missed me (we'd spoken what, less than an hour ago)

- Ditching his girlfriend to come to band practice/hang out with me.

- Inviting me to a gig and then mentioned on the day that his girlfriend was also going, so I said I couldn't go, he begged me to come (I gave an excuse that I had no-one pick me up from the station at night... so he goes and asks his dad to drive from his house to mine in the middle of the night so I could go!) but I just said NO, which he got very upset and p*ssy about, so we kinda parted on bad terms.. later I got a call from him while he was at the gig, all I could hear was the crowd noise so I was about to hang up.. when one of my favorite songs started playing in the background. So I sent him a text saying 'lol, I can't believe you just did that' and he replied saying 'of course, its for you '

Get why I'm messed up? haha. And for the record, he was the one that started it in the first place, I had no intentions of being a man stealer, and if he wasn't so damn nice I wouldn't have carried it on at all! Plus he keeps saying he's fed up of his gf, gonna get rid of her etc.. but never does... so I've just tried to pull myself away from him, before this whole thing gets anymore ridiculous.

But now he's acting like a complete twat because of another guy. There's someone else I've become more interested in since things have gone downhill with him, and he's interested in me (score!)... so will basically be ten times better for me as I won't have a girlfriend to deal with haha, and he saw my MySpace status about it, and he goes (over msn, basic version of conversation)

'Whats your status about?'

'don't worry..'

'no tell me'

' -new guys name-

' oh, right'


'why wot? '

'err, why you asking me? :S'

All goes quiet and awkward for ages, so I eventually say:

' what's your problem with it?'

'nothing, g2g, bye'

That all kicked off last night.. earlier he began talking to me, but yano when the conversation is kind of forced and boring and awkward? Twas like that. It's just changed from being bubbly and lively and fun, to one word stuff.

Twat, just cos he can't have his cake and bloody eat it.

What should I do? :(
He has a girlfriend, why is he jealous & what should I do about it?
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