What is societies view on exotic dancers?

I'm a little curious to know what society thinks about exotic dancers. I didn't exactly grow up in a home and I don't have much family. I'm trying to make a better life for myself and pay my way through college and I have a job as an exotic dancer at a strip club in South Florida to pay for my college.

I have a few friends that were dancers and they always talked about how much money they were making and eventually they talked me into it saying I could make several hundred dollars a night and that I definitely have the body for it. I'm fairly tall and have large natural boobs for a skinny girl (34DD) which is a big plus in my field. I'm not saying I love my job and most people don't they just do it for the money and that's pretty much what I'm doing.

Talking with some of my coworkers they were telling me ways to make larger tips. On the main dance floor there's no touching from the customers but in the private rooms behind the curtains it's a little more relaxed.
I decided to try some of their tips out and The next guy that asked me for a private dance I let him squeezing my boobs and suck on them. I got paid well and this started becoming a normal thing. On an average night somewhere between10 to 15 guys squeeze and suck on my nipples and it's starting to make me feel a little bit dirty but I bring home a wad of cash.

I guess my question is am I in the wrong for doing this if it gets me the extra cash that I need? How does society view exotic dancers? I've never had sex with any of the customers or let them touch me between my legs but why do I feel kind of shameful?
What is societies view on exotic dancers?
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