Girls: You say you want a good guy... So help me out.

I see it all too many times... A girl wants a nice, good guy that treats her well and such. But they all end up with the jerks that use them or hurt them in the end.

Then I'm told, "well if the nice guys approached us or were more forward, we'd go out with more nice guys," by girls

So being a good guy, who DOESN'T like to throw myself out there for no reason other than getting into a girls pants (like the jerk type of guy, like 95% of guys)... What would you girls like to hear or expect to be treated by a nice guy that was interested in you?

I don't pursue someone unless I mean it, I just want to be able to more effectively pursue with greater chance at success. I'm not a jerk kind of guy and will never be one. I just want to have success in pursuing the ladies for once. What do you ladies expect from someone who's interested, what do they say? How do they act?

Once I get that far, in getting a girlfriend, I know she's gonna be a happy girl. Its just getting there for me, is the tough part.


Girls: You say you want a good guy... So help me out.
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