Women, how would you feel if you were a victims of maternity fraud?

Imagine discovering that your daughter is not your own, and not just that but that you were never even pregnant at all! The entire 9 months of gestation was a ruse, a conspiracy between your husband and a doctor beholden to him – not you. Every moment of those years you could have had a child of your own – stolen and wasted as water upon the sand. Perhaps you delivered her to her real mother every day you thought you took her to day care as you worked to provide for her, and every hour you worked was as stolen and wasted as your faux pregnancy and recovery.

Now your daughter turns to her REAL mother, as you are revealed as a rather gullible fool whose counsel shouldn’t be trusted. Every decision in your life had the welfare of your daughter at its core, and your husband has deceived and betrayed you in ALL of them without exception. You are as stupid as you are barren and the little girl’s life will be guided by her parents.

The courts give her to your now ex-husband, for you have no legitimate claim on her. Any visitation is a boon he may grant, or not.

The little girl you thought was your daughter is gone. There wasn’t even a funeral, nor the support of others sharing the loss. In fact, your ex-husband gets his ‘honor’ back, the little girl gets her REAL mother, and the REAL mother gets her child. No one lost anything but you.

There will be no grandchildren for you. You get cats and visits from other people’s children out of their pity for you.

Oh! And by the way! Despite the loss of standing in the custody decision,

Child support – to the tune of 15% of your gross income before taxes, social security, or anything else – will be garnished from your paycheck until she’s 21, because it’s in the interest of the child.
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This is what the vast majority of victims do, but suppose you are in the minority that decide to get back at them and at get a little justice by going to court and suing the father. Then most courts laugh you out, but worse, you get entire articles online, WRITTEN BY MEN, telling you what an unfit mother you would have been anyway because you went to court over something as "trivial as DNA" while at the same time these articles don't mention a word about the evil bastard who did this to you.
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So women, can you please tell me what is it in your mind that makes you so evil to be able lie to your husbands every morning when he wakes next to you about his reason for existing?
Women, how would you feel if you were a victims of maternity fraud?
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