Girlfriend with a history of lying, claims to have changed


I've been dating my girlfriend since July 2009 and with just me alone she has a large history of lying. She doesn't do any physical cheating or go out meeting people or anything, she just tells different people different stories and makes up things, sets rules then goes against them.

She claims to have done this because she was afraid to let me into her life, to get attached with someone and her friends whom I've spoken to giggle when I tell them what she's told me about her past "boyfriends", they laugh because she did nothing with those guys and wasn't serious about them where as they see she is serious with me.

Serious with me as, she's lost her virginity to me, I've met her entire family and her close friends, I stay over at her house etc..

No one really questions that she doesn't really like me, she is just a liar. Her biggest problem was/is Internet infidelity which means " Internet infidelity -a breach of trust or a disloyal act; transgression.".

She "naturally" flirts online and because she knows she's not going to do anything, its like its "ok". Well, me and her had a BIG fight after one incident (late august) and she was practically begging me to stay, by pulling (and ripping) my shirt telling me not to leave. Every time we discuss anything after then she always begs me not to leave her, and she's never liked someone so much before.

She isn't a "bad" girl she just does what she wants. She claims to have "changed" because she really wants this to work and claims to love me (her friends say they haven't heard her say that before, and are surprised she can be serious with a guy).

I DO believe people can change like she claims she has/is doing but the trust has been breached and I'm not sure what to do. I really love her to, me and her are not the type to just date, we seek something long-term and we have a lot of fun together.

How should I proceed? I'm scared sh*tless because the trust has been breached and don't want to get hurt. She swears she has changed but at the same time has breached my trust and didn't make a change when she said she did, now that she "loves" me its all supposed to be ok.
Girlfriend with a history of lying, claims to have changed
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