Ladies, does this mean anything?

My ex girlfriend, from whom I broke up with last year, keeps showing up to places where I am. We have a mutual friend and I have tried to keep things civil with my ex, always smiling and saying hello. Yet, I have never reached out to her after the breakup.

Last time, she showed up a birthday party of the mutual friend (I did not know my ex was going to show. She was not on the e-mail invite. Then, during the party, my friend said my ex was coming). As always, it was awkward, but civil. But, then she seemed to be flirting with some guys in front of me. I didn't let it get to me, and I left shortly thereafter.

Some of my friends think she may doing these things because she wants to get back together with me.

However, I, and at least one other friend, think this may be about pure spite. My ex is a very attractive young lady who gets hit on a lot. She also told me that she was usually the one who breaks up with guys. I don't think she is used to someone breaking up with her, or not having an ex crawl back or try to keep in touch.


Appropriate future course of action? I don't want to ignore because this would be rude and may show my ex that she is getting to me. But, she is starting to cramp my style here.

Ladies, does this mean anything?
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