What are different ways to tease a guy without it going to far?

Ways that do not end up with you having sex. So, lets say your in the public. How could a girl turn on a guy with out, in essence, 'consequences'?


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  • I believe its wrong to tease (sexually taunt) a guy with there being no chance of sex. You might get off on a guy getting all hot and bothered but this really isn't a good thing to do.

    Let me give you another example why: girls more often than not know their attacker, if you push a guy to the point where he is very aroused and you give him a chance there is a instance for rape.



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  • Refraining from sex is all on you!

    There's no flirting technique that ends up with both of you spontaneously having sex.

    If that was the case, men would be having spontaneous sex everywhere, there would be no war, no fighting, no hunger or poverty, there would be a cure for cancer and yes, lots of babies and happy men world wide! ;)


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  • I agree partially with the guys, there's no "rule" as such. And I suppose it depends on your definition of teasing. A fun tease would be some lip-locking and possibly some cheeky strokes and touches while out having fun. No guy is going to expect that to lead to sex, but none the less will probably get a bit turned on. On the other hand is bitchy teasing where you get the guy absolutely gagging for it (like wear a seriously short skirt all day and constantly brush against him, sit on his lap, bend over in front of him etc...), but then leave him hanging at the end of the day. Depends how you want to play it, although the second option is brilliant if you want to teach him a lesson after an argument. They hate it.

    • LOL. I don't do the 'bitchy teasing' as you call it; mainly just saying flirty comments (compliments) and doing certain things. I just don't want them to take it the wrong way and expect more than I'm ready to give.

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