Things guys dont like: Bieng called Cute/Adorable; Why use the 'compliment' Adorable/Cute? What do you mean by it?

This is both an advice/question for you, Ladies, first, dont use this 'compliment'. More often than not, it will backfire. No self respecting guy wants you to think of him as a baby or kitten, its insulting, its basicly like saying "in my eyes you look like somethin less than masculine, your a kitty kat :3", unless the dude is thristy and luckless with women, he might not mind, the rest of us guys do. We want to feel big, powerfull, ripped, strong, call us tiger, bear, shark, lion, sexy. But ADORABLE? It feels friend-zony.

If a girl calls me this, rarely will i talk to her again. Thing is, it has happened to me that some of them were indeed trying to friendzone me, to which i say sayonara, hasta la vista baby. Others who were into me or had a crush on me but were i guess more socially awkward were surprised that i was insulted.

So... point is:

My advice: Dont call guys this. Its derogatory, no, its really one of the most downright insulting things you can say/do. This is like the equivalent to cat-calling, guys think cat calling is complimenty and nothing serius, yet most self-respecting girls hate it and find it extremely insulting and disrespectfull. Well this is like that. Anything that makes us feel less powerfull is bad for complimentary reasons, even if we ARE cuddly sweethearts in the inside. So unless there is already a lot of intimacy or bucket loads of trust and understanding (and even if...), just dont call us Kittens or adorable.

Question: Why do you use it in the first place? What effect do you THINK it produces? Do you want to friend-zone a guy your calling this by? Because I've seen it in both situations (Girls who wanted me and girls who didnt) and im a bit confused.
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Clearly i used a bad analogy here, im not saying its as bad as Cat-calling or its equivalent, what i was saying is the same way that Girls hate cat-calling and it makes them feel uncomfortable yet guys think its 'complimenty' and nothing wrong with it, Guys dont like being called Cute/Adorable and yet girls think its a compliment.

You call Puppies, Babies, Children, baby-looking animals Cute and Adorable. You do not call your man or any other man that, unless your already INSANELY intimate.
Things guys dont like: Bieng called Cute/Adorable; Why use the 'compliment' Adorable/Cute? What do you mean by it?
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