I think I fell in love on vacation but I don't know if she liked me back at all?

Hey everyone!

Last week I went to Miami for a vacation for 6 days and I met the most awesome girl there. She was from London visiting the US for the first time and we clicked instantly. In my experience there's only a few girls that I truly liked and she was one of them after getting to know her.

She gave me her number and we started hanging out pretty much every day for most of the day and just had a overall good time. We have so many things in common and she really enjoyed my company because she loved my humor and my stories and I enjoyed hers as well. The only caveat is that she was pretty shy and fairly conservative so I had to initiate plans and stuff and she was super hesitant about physical contact. It's interesting because I am also kind of hesitant about certain physical contact as well (specifically hugging).

Well the last day rolls around and we were both about to fly out after a good week. My flight was at 5p and hers was at 7pm but she had to go to the airport earlier. We both met up for our final byes during lunch and it got to the point where we had to say bye for good. I wanted to go in for the hug before leaving but I waited if she would do something for like 5 seconds (and plus I was hesitant lol) and we looked at eachother she just said "Good luck with everything" and we both parted ways.

I was mentally beating myself up for not doing anything so I decided I needed to redeem myself for that. So when I got to the airport I looked up her departure gate and went there to try to talk to talk to her but she wasn't there. I went back to my gate, boarded the plane, and left back home. It was a flight full of thinking to say the least. I have her number and stuff but I feel like now it's pointless to even contact her.

With this I'm asking you all, was I reading the signals wrong? Did she just think of me as a friend only? Or was she just too shy to express her feelings?
I think I fell in love on vacation but I don't know if she liked me back at all?
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