Does this girl like me? What should I do?

I have known this girl now for a couple of years, I don't really hang out with her a lot or anything, but we normally see each other on a night out and other times. She is absolutely beautiful and I love everything about her and would just love to be with her, hold her etc. she is just so lovely.

Basically whenever I see her she always says how I'm so gorgeous and how I could have any girl I wanted. Well last time I saw her she was a bit touchy feely, holding my face with both her hands and said how her mum keeps saying she should get with me, and like a fool I didn't really have an answer to that. Also that night we were dancing together and at one point she turned her back to me and was like dancing in front of me, normally if this was a girl I didn't know I might have put my hands on her hips or something but I did nothing. She also keeps saying she loves me, but whether she's hinting or just saying it in a friendly way I don't know. She's not a very shy girl, but I think when it come to flirting and boys etc. she would not make the first move or ask someone out or anything.

I have just not been able to stop thinking about her since last week and whether I was a complete idiot and completely missed any signs or anything. So I'm not sure what to do, I know I'm going to see her out on Christmas eve but do I say something or not. I don't want to do it over Facebook or anything lol.

It's kinda eating me up inside :(
Does this girl like me? What should I do?
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