Are men an "undesirable" gender?

I asked a question similar to this before, but I wanted to create a follow-up.

I just read a new article about how studies suggest women are almost all bisexual or lesbian, but almost never actually straight: Link Here

This brings me back to the point of the first version of the question. Everyone is attracted to women, and maybe, MAYBE half the population is somewhat attracted to men, and maybe a few percentage points of these men are actually considered attractive.

It feels like there is little, if anything, intrinstically attractive about being male. It's all about proving you can serve some function. A good provider. A good protector. Etc. A lot of things that girls don't necessarily have to be, since girls don't often suddenly become repulsive just because they are working at Wal-Mart instead of Wall-Street.

It seems to be reflected in the dating standards that lingered even after women earned their rights and flooded the workforce. I know I'm beating a dead horse, here, but what man would DARE ask a woman to pay for a first date? That would be unacceptable, right? But a guy who *only* pays would be sub-par.

It sounds like the whole prospect of dating starts off with the woman on the desirable high-ground, and that the whole process is about the guy climbing up.

And now, with studies like this, it makes me feel that women would prefer each other anyway, and just settle for men. Basically, if we serve the aforementioned functions. Related GMP Article

Do men have any fundamentally desirable essence?
Are men an "undesirable" gender?
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