Do you ever put yourself in a second place?

As a child, everyone always told me I wasn't good enough. My grades were bad, I was quite fat and kids didn't really like me. I tended to hide myself away from the rest of the world. My room was my safe heaven. I got home, went upstairs and did everything that I wanted. I didn't have many friends and the friend I had, I put on a pedestal.

I have been second best all my life. Until I realised that I did actually matter. I still do that sometimes, put other peoples needs/wants before my own because I think they will have pleasure from it. Not ever saying when I am left with a choice (when the other party already let me know their preference) that I want the same as the other person. So I was wondering, is that very wrong? I guess it is.. How do you change that? Do you ever put yourself second? Do you want to change that? Let me know ;)
Do you ever put yourself in a second place?
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