Can I ask her out?

I've known this girl for about three years now throughout that time we have been good friends. During the first year we talked a lot and a few months after she broke up with her boyfriend. I did not want to feel like the guy that broke them up or anything so it never crossed my mind to ask her out. About six months ago when I went to her birthday party the Uber driver said that it looked like she loved me. That night I asked her out only to get her mad cause I told her I did it cause the Uber driver told me it looked like she loved me. She admitted to liking me before and wanting to get with me but says that now she would prefer to be just friends cause she wouldn't hate it if we break up. I've recently tried to take her out to some fun places and tired to ask her out again (three more so far) which she rejects or avoids severely. She very recently (a few weeks) started calling me dear but I've read on this site it might just be a friend kind of term that Asian's commonly use. I have it set that the baseball kiss cam will be on us just to see if she would do that (tell me if this is a good idea or not). My question is should I keep trying to pursue her in this manner? Is their any other way to change my approach? Should I just be comfortable with just being friends?
I should keep trying to ask her out
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If it matters she does hold on to me a bit when we walk together and gets upset when I say I wanna move out of state once I complete school
Can I ask her out?
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