Why are girls less motivated to the opposite sex than boys?

If you are a girl. You go to any guy in Public ask him for number. Even the hottest guy. You will find MORE tolerance. Than how it is, when a guy ask a random girl in public for a number.

What is that? Is it pride? Do girls have less attention for boys than the opposite?

Since we both want to love each other, and fuck each other!!.

This idea bothers me. And I am very very curious. I want to know what is in girls heads!! Who they think they are lool

The idea of that I have to spend more effort and time as a boy to get her! When she can have it , terara! In an instant!

That's unjust!. Why I come to you, and loose my fucking dignity, and be rejected.

Then I learn that they also want us. And they fantasize about us! Dude! That's cheating! Lool
You shouldn't like us. Unless you come for us!

You want it? Come get it? That's bullshit.

And seriously boys. Don't you think we have to change the strategy? I think they had us for fools for thousands of years now!.

Now. Don't give me the nature thing etc.

Tell me girls. Why when see a hot guy, who appears single. You don't go and say. "Come fuck me asshole". When you know He'd clearly be happy.

If I know I won't get slapped or rejected from your side. I will do it all the time.
Why are girls less motivated to the opposite sex than boys?
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